Why Choose an All-Male Catholic Education?

The advantages of an all-male Catholic education:

The fraternity developed in an all-boys school is invaluable. The sense of camaraderie and friendship that grows through four years of schooling with all boys lasts a lifetime. In a more formal way, each of the men of Cathedral Prep are members of Fraternities, groups within the school that meet at least once a month and share academic support, service and social opportunities.

Learning Styles
At Cathedral Prep, we are aware and respectful of the different learning needs of young men. In this spirit, our curriculum and instructional design meet the specific styles and expectations of the young men in our school.

Cathedral Prep cultivates an environment that recognizes the educational needs of young men and creates expectations that allow them to reach their potential.

An all boys setting uniquely allows our students to concentrate on their priorities and obligations, while continuing to discern God’s call in their lives.

Being placed in an academic setting with exclusively boys fosters a healthy sense of competition among the student body. The natural energy and competitive nature of boys allows them to push each other to succeed academically and to develop socially and physically.

Focus on Balance
The all-boys environment encourages the young men of Cathedral Prep to seek a balance among their spiritual lives, academic responsibilities, extracurricular activities, personal goals, and responsibilities in their homes all while facing the shared, specific expectations of a Catholic man in today’s society. Cathedral Prep is a safe and secure school environment where young men receive the right balance of boundaries, high expectations and the freedom to explore their potentials.

“A Man of Greatness is a Man of Humble, Quite Service”

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