Graduates and adult visitors (18 and over) are welcome at Cathedral Prep, which is a place of brotherhood and community. The safety of our students is our top priority, and will always be our guiding principle. To that end, the following policy is enacted and enforced within Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary at all times. It is the responsibility of all faculty and staff of Cathedral Prep to enforce this policy with great vigilance. The policies for adult visitors are articulated below.

Adult visitors must always, without exception, have permission from the Administration to be present in the building.
Adult visitors must enter the building only through the main front doors, never through any other doors or the parking lot, which is off limits without direct permission.
Adult visitors must personally check-in and sign-in to the Main Office upon arrival and must adhere to the policies of Cathedral Prep that apply to all adult visitors.
All visitors are only permitted to use the bathroom facilities on the first floor. This includes both during and after school hours. Students are informed that they are only permitted to use student restrooms in other locations of the building.
Adult visitors must personally check-out and sign-out in the Main Office before leaving.
Any unaccompanied adult in the building will be reported to the Main Office or a member of the Administration immediately.

Spaces that are always off-limits to visitors
Student bathrooms on the Cafeteria level, 2nd floor, and 3rd floor
Locker Room

Spaces that are only permitted with expressed verbal permission and/or direct supervision/accompaniment by a member of the Cathedral Prep faculty and staff
Faculty Room
All classrooms
Weight Room
Media Center
All professional offices

The administration reserves the right to interpret and enforce these guidelines for the good of our students.
For this reason, they may also be amended when necessary. Enacted September 27, 2018.