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Fr. Troike Summer Leadership Program

Program Cost: $500

This upcoming summer will mark the 56th Annual Fr. Troike Summer Leadership Program. This program was named after Fr. Edward Troike, who was a priest in the Brooklyn-Queens Diocese, and devoted his life to serving young men during his time at Cathedral Prep.

The program is run during the month of July, inviting all young men between sixth to eighth grades for a small sample size of what it is like to be a Cathedral Prep student. In the morning, the young men gather in the Chapel for prayer during daily mass. After mass, the young men are broken up by grade and experience small academia. This may vary from Math and Science to English and Social Studies. For those students specifically entering the eighth grade in the upcoming school year, our faculty focuses on TACHS prep. Each student is given the opportunity to take practice exams and become more familiar with information that will be presented to them on the TACHS exam in November.

After morning academics, all the students gather for lunch in the cafeteria. This is an opportunity for each student, in all grades, to interact with one another. Then, each young man is selected to a team where they are given the option to play sports (basketball or softball), or participate in the gaming room.

Current students counsel the Fr. Troike Summer Leadership Program. The interaction between student and counselor is a major reason why all young men should consider attending. Counselors share their personal experiences with the students about their time in Cathedral Prep. The program forms bonds, not only between students, but between counselors and students.

For 55 years, the Fr. Troike Summer Leadership Program has introduced the Cathedral Prep school environment to countless young men. It is a fun, and excellent way to create new friendships, develop leadership skills, and hopefully find a home to those future men for greatness.

“The Father Troike Summer Leadership Program made my son, Nicholas, feel welcomed, wanted, safe, like he was part of a family.  He had fun learning, being part of a team, and being part of a fraternity.  He wanted that environment to be his high school experience. Meeting the teachers during the program and being in the school made his freshman transition effortless.  He was able to adjust to his studies without a problem.”

~Mrs. Anne-Marie Leone, Parent of current sophomore



Who is the Troike Program open to?
All young men entering the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades.

What is the schedule for the Troike Program?
Mondays through Thursdays run from 9:00am until 2:00pm. Fridays run
from 9:00am until 12:00pm.

How is the day structured?
The classes take place in the morning, and the afternoon is dedicated
to the sports program. On Fridays, the entire day is sports-inspired
with different matchups.

What is offered in the afternoon?
Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Gaming Room, and Movie Room.

Is there a bus?
We do not offer bus service, but we will be able to provide students
with Student MetroCards.

Is there lunch provided?
For the first time, there will be lunch available for purchase. This,
however, is optional. Students are welcome to bring their own lunch.
Students can NOT leave the building to get lunch elsewhere.

What should my son bring with him?
He should bring a drawstring bag or backpack with a notebook, pens,
pencils, folder, and water bottle. These are not strict requirements
but heavily encouraged.

Are there any medical/vaccination requirements?
No, but we kindly ask that you disclose any
allergies/conditions/illnesses, etc. on the registration form so that
we can ensure the safety of your son, as well as everyone else.

Is Mass offered? Is it required or optional?
Mass is offered every day before the program starts at 8:30am. It is
completely optional, but students are encouraged to attend if

Is there a dress code?
Students are permitted to wear tshirts, shorts, and sneakers. Dress
comfortable but appropriate.

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