The Spiritual Program at Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary is fostered by the priests and deacons on staff. Participation in the spiritual program is required of all students being that Cathedral Prep is a Catholic high school and minor seminary.  It is a responsibility which each student accepts when he decides to attend a school that is directed and encouraged towards Christ and discernment.

The program is a vital part to the young men attending Cathedral Prep. Students learn to grow and mature in the classroom, or during extracurricular activity, but they are also taught to grow and mature in their faith. While attending Cathedral Prep, a student will experience the many ways Catholics partake in prayer. Participation in the spiritual program is required of all students being that Cathedral Prep is a Catholic high school and minor seminary. It is a responsibility that each student accepts when he decides to attend a school that focuses so deeply upon creating a relationship with Christ, while also encouraging the possibility of discernment to the priesthood. Below offers a brief description of the types of prayer students will partake in daily at Cathedral Prep:

Daily Mass: The most important aspect of our faith is prayer. For one period each day the entire school pauses and gathers for the mass. This allows every person to partake in the Word of God and to be fed the Bread of Life. The Eucharist allows every young man to experience growth and maturity in their faith. Students are highly encouraged to volunteer as lectors and/or sacristans to assist with the mass. All students are REQUIRED to alter serve while at Cathedral Prep. During the mass, students are required to conduct themselves in a reverent and attentive way.

Adoration/Benediction: On Thursdays during last period, the entire school gathers for adoration and benediction. During this time, students are encouraged to reflect while participating in deeper and more personal prayer. Like mass, students can volunteer to serve and assist as sacristans.

  • During the months of October and May, the school community prays the Rosary as Mary is the Patroness (Mother) of our house.
  • During the season of Lent, the school community walks the Way of the Cross. This is a time of reflection and meditation as we listen to different perspectives about the road to Calvary.

Other Spiritual Opportunities: Along with prayer as a community, students are offered other opportunities to grow spiritually. This may be as a class, individually, or outside of the school. We encourage and teach our students the importance of having a relationship with God, not just during school.

  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions): Students are given and encouraged to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Penance services are celebrated during the Advent and Lenten seasons. Confessions are also heard after school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:45pm to 3:15pm.

  • Retreats and Days of Recollection: During the school year, our upper house (Juniors and Seniors) travel to the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington for prayer, reflection, and recreation. The Juniors visit Huntington in November, and the Seniors visit Huntington in April. While the Juniors and Seniors experience an out-of-house retreat, the lower house (Freshmen and Sophomores) partake in an in-house day of recollection. They will also partake in prayer, reflection, and recreation with their classmates.


  • Service Program:The Community Service Program is an integral part of Cathedral Prep. This allows our students to grow in a more mature understanding of Christian service and offers the opportunity to put faith into practice. There are several ways of fulfilling this requirement in your parish including: as an altar server, a lector, a sacristan, choir member, or involvement in parish youth groups, rectory volunteer, and work in parish CYO or sports programs, etc.

  • Brotherhood of Mary Immaculate: The Brotherhood of Mary Immaculate group was founded to show admiration towards the Mother of our house, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Primarily taking place after school, the Brotherhood of Mary Immaculate has also visited Catholic Underground, and traveled to Washington D.C. for the National March for Life.

Discernment Information

Fr. Kuroly and Fr. Bethge host weekly meetings with students who are discerning God’s call for their lives. Click to email Fr. Kuroly to join. 

The Diocese of Brooklyn Vocations Office

Cathedral Seminary is a place where young men discern, with the Church, a vocation to the priesthood. The Seminary’s mission is to provide an environment that forms men to be committed disciples of Christ who are free to respond to God’s call to the priesthood, including the call to celibate life.

“The ways of the Lord are not comfortable.
But we were not created for comfort, but for greatness!”
– Pope Benedict XVI