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Dear Alumni and Friends of Cathedral Prep,

Our Statue of Mary located in front of the school was cleaned and refurbished along with the installation of a new base to secure her. As part of this project, a 350 brick walkway was placed around the statue. Cathedral Prep is offering brick engraving opportunities to recognize your time at Cathedral, honor or remember a loved one. This is your opportunity to be a permanent part of the future of Cathedral, and it is also a special way to keep memories alive. The funds raised will go to our education endowment fund and keep Cathedral strong for her next 100 years. Any questions should be addressed to the Alumni and Development Office at 718-592-6800 ext. 120. Thank you and God Bless.

The Alumni and Development Office

Examples of Engraved Bricks

Engraved Brick 6 X 9 $300

Engraved Brick – Red – Pathway 6 X 9 $500 Limited number available

Engraved Brick – Large – Pathway 12 X 12 $1,000 Limited number available

Engraving Program

Engraving Program

Please call the Development & Alumni Office at 718-592-6800, ext. 137 for a copy of our brochure or you can click on the link below to print a copy:

Pathway to Prosperity and Promise Brochure

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