Next Rector-President of Cathedral Prep


Bishop DiMarzio Appoints
Father James A. Kuroly, `98
Former Assistant Principal & Teacher
Next Rector-President of Cathedral Prep!

Lauding his 6 year leadership of the Prep,
Bishop DiMarzio thanks & appoints
Father Fonti, `84
Pastor of St. Mel’s (Flushing, NY)

“Extremely grateful that I was given the honor to serve my Alma Mater, my departure is definitely bitter-sweet. I will miss my daily interaction with our young Crusaders. The highlight of my service has been sharing my spiritual fatherhood with them. But I am pleased and confident that Father Kuroly and Mr. Diaz, both of whom assisted me in inaugurating many new initiatives at the Prep, will continue to build on our success these past 6 years in giving the Church and our local community future Men for Greatness” – Father Fonti

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