The 9th Annual Jim Dilg Classic  

JV and Varsity Basketball Tournament


Thursday 12/26


2pm Varsity  Townsend Harris (dark)  vs. Bayside (white)


4pm JV Cathedral (dark)  vs. St. Edmunds (white)


6pm Varsity Holy Cross B (dark) vs. Renaissance (white)


Friday 12/27


1:30 Varsity Losers of Thursday games


3:15 JV FDR (dark) vs. Martin Luther (white)


5pm Varsity CTK B (dark) vs. Bayside/ TH (white)


7pm Varsity Cathedral (dark) vs. Winner HC/Renaissance  (white)


Saturday 12/28


11:30 am JV


1:15 Varsity


3pm Varsity


5pm JV


7pm Varsity 







2017 Jim Dilg Classic Basketball Tournament

7th Annual Jim Dilg Classic

Christmas Basketball Tournament at Cathedral Prep

2017 Results

Thursday, December 28th

Junior Varsity

Cathedral def. Martin Luther



Xaverian “B” def. Townsend Harris

Cathedral Prep def. Renaissance


Friday , December 28th

Junior Varsity Championship game:  Cathedral def. Martin Luther


Consolation Game: Townsend Harris def. Renaissance  

Championship Game:  Xaverian “B” def. Cathedral Prep (OT)


Junior Varsity All-Tournament Team

Chris Mendoza (Martin Luther)

Patrick Powderly  (Cathedral Prep)

Menzo Tucker (Cathedral Prep)

Junior Varsity MVP

David Crismali  (Cathedral Prep)

Varsity All-Tournament Team

Davis D’Vonte (Townsend Harris)

Sherpa Tenzin (Renaissance)

Anthony Leone  (Cathedral)

Neil Hickey(Cathedral)

Jethro Casie (Xaverian “B”)

Varsity MVP

Thomas Baggot  (Xaverian “B”)



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thumbnail of 2017 Dilg Program

9-27-13 Fr.FonticL_R (1190)

Mr. James G. Dilg was born in the Bronx and grew up like most of the young men of his age- interested in sports, active in his parish life and in his school work. He attended Manhattan College Prep as a high school student and, upon graduation, decided to attend Manhattan College. There, Jim decided to pursue a career in education. Upon graduation, Jim applied for a job at a school in Queens that he did not intend to stay all that long – Cathedral Preparatory Seminary.  1964 marked the second full year of Cathedral Prep in Elmhurst being its own institution and the school was looking for a new physical education instructor. He would be, outside of the librarian, Mrs. Vera Coutard, the only lay person on the faculty of Cathedral Prep, which at that time, consisted entirely of priests. The late Fr. (later Msgr.) George Fogarty was the Vice-Rector, who ran the daily affairs of the school, under the guidance and rectorship of Msgr. Robert Welsh. This young man began his teaching career at Cathedral joining the ranks of men like Fathers Gotimer, Keane, Troike, Dietz, Larkin, Stafford, McGann and Kirrane among many others and a new era in the history of Cathedral began.

As Jim progressed in his time at Cathedral, he began coaching Basketball, Track and Baseball. Through his career of coaching, Jim’s teams met with success, however not always on the court or field. Jim’s teams always knew how important it was to be men of leadership, dignity, teamwork and integrity. Jim’s teams became family and the young men whom he coached and taught knew Jim as a role model, a example of Catholic Christian spirituality and, above all, a trusted friend and guide.

In the classroom, Jim taught Physical Education to every man who passed through Cathedral’s doors until 2006. Many were blessed to have Jim for Health and Environmental Biology, or to have Jim in home room or as an instructor in the Father Troike Leadership Program. Others will recall Jim’s continual presence at daily Mass in the Chapel or his liturgical service as a lector and extraordinary minister of Holy Communion.

Through the rectorships of Msgr. Welsh and Fogarty, Msgr. John Egan, Msgr. Vincent Keane, Fr. Joseph Cunningham, Msgr. Philip Reilly, Bishop Ignatius Catanello, Msgr. Richard Marchese, Msgr. Joseph Calise and Fr. Fred Marano, Cathedral Prep was blessed with the kind presence of Jim Dilg.

As Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, Jim helped Cathedral to grow to new heights. Countless hours preparing for events, numberless phone calls and e-mails helped Jim to become the living face of Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary and an example of the love of Christ to all whom he encountered.  After 47 years, he officially retired from Cathedral on February 1, 2011.

Jim is blessed by his wife, Kathy, their children, Maureen, Patty, Matthew, and their grandchildren. He remains for all of us at Cathedral a true friend and are happy now to call Jim an alum with the conferral of an honorary diploma by Fr. Fred Marano, former Rector-Principal in 2011.


– All participants will receive a tournament T-shirt

– Individual and team trophies for 1st place team; team trophies for 2nd and 3rd place team.

– All Tournament Team members will receive a gym bag

– Most Valuable Player will receive a trophy and gym bag


The fee to help defray expenses is $300 for JV and $325 for varsity. Please make checks payable to Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary. Send payment to:

Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary

56-25 92nd Street

Elmhurst, NY 11373

Att: Larry Medina


Please send a roster of your players to me no later than Thursday, December 14th, 2017. Please include name, number, position, and height. Rosters may be faxed to 718-592-5574 or emailed to


The cost of admission will be $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for children.

Potential Schedule

The tournament will be a four team Varsity and a four team Junior Varsity tournament over two days,  Thursday, December 28th and Friday, 29th. The JV games will be at 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. and the varsity games will be at 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on both days.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at 718-592-6800 ext. 115 or





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2015 Results



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Jim Dilg Classic Basketball Tournament

Saturday, December 27th and Sunday, December 28th at Cathedral Prep

Tournament Results

Saturday, December 27th

Junior Varsity

Tilden High School 52 – Friends Seminary 18

Martin Luther 30 – Cathedral Prep 62


Maspeth High School  84 – Townsend Harris 40

Holy Cross “B” 65 – Cathedral Prep 36

Sunday, December 28th

Junior Varsity

Consolation Game

Friends Seminary (47) – Martin Luther (23)

Championship Game

Tilden High School (68) – Cathedral Prep (28)


Consolation Game

Townsend Harris (44) – Cathedral Prep (49)


Maspeth High School (55) – Holy Cross “B” (59)

Junior Varsity All-Tournament Team

Vincent Vigh (Martin Luther)

Declan Smith (Friends Seminary)

Jose Velasquez (Cathedral Prep)

Joel Edouard (Cathedral Prep)

Kamar Gowie (Tilden)

Junior Varsity MVP

Josiah Noel (Tilden)


Varsity All-Tournament Team

Andy Rustani (Townsend Harris)

Daniel Debiase (Cathedral Prep)

Palo Tamer (Maspeth)

Tamer Tamer (Maspeth)

Sean San Antonio (Holy Cross)


Varsity MVP

Marc Combs (Holy Cross)