Incoming Freshmen BBQ

Excitedly anticipating their start on the path towards greatness, members of the Class of 2022 and their families took part in our annual Incoming Freshman BBQ. Meeting each other for the first time, our “soon to be” frosh enjoyed burgers and dogs together before shooting hoops at an open gym. At the end of the event, each member received his class tee-shirt. We look forward to having these new brothers among us this coming fall.

Class of 2022

Abernathy, Nicholas
Angerano, Frank
Baginski, Tomasz
Bieglarian, Mikhail
Bustillo, Derek
Cardoso, Iker
Castro, Robart
Chauca-Orellana, Kevin
Ciliberti, Charles
Cottone, Damiano
Dagostino, William
DeFrancesco, Nicholas
Deguzman, Xerxen
Deleon, Stewart
Faustin, Emmanuel
Fitzgerald, Joseph Patrick
Gallagher, Matthew
Gallagher, Vincent
Gilfeather, Robert
Gonzalez, Vittorio
Guerrero, Matthew
Guillen, Nicholas
Hammack, Michael
Hanna ,Mark
Jara, Joshua
Kiley, Timothy “Blaise”
Lall, Joshua
Mateo, Justin
McEvoy, Shane
McGarvey, Liam
Mejia, Alexander
Moran, Eoin
Moran, Sean
Orellana Estrada, Carlos
Pinzon, Santiago
Prangan, Mhelvin
Reyes, James
Rhodes, Michael
Rivera, Mauricio
Rosa, Brandon
Ruiz, Logan
Santiago, Izaiah
Smith, Charlie
Szczypczyk, Scott
Trovato, Lorenzo
VanWallendael, JohnAnthony
Walker, James
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