Cathedral Air and Space Association (click club name for more information)

Moderator: Mr. Russo

The Cathedral Prep Air & Space Association is dedicated to foster appreciation and interest in the exploration of space. Students meet to discuss current events and trends in aviation and space exploration. The club also exposes students to past achievements in the American aviation and space history.

The club meets monthly.

The Current


Gaming Club (click club name for more information)

Moderator: Mr. Reyes

The Gaming Club provides students the venue to gather and play games, such as video games, card games, and board games.

The club’s roots stem from the Chess Club, and chess is still a popular game among participants. However, the club’s scope expanded to include card games, and assorted video games for any compatible game system students wish to bring.

The club meets bi-weekly.


French Club (Moderator: Mrs. Rosa) The French Club, translated as: “Le Cercle Français”, introduces students to the simple elements of conversation and culture around the French language. The club offers opportunities for learning and using basic conversational French, building on elements of counting, time, and vocabulary. The club also exposes students to the cultural aspects around the language that would include French foods and sites, and its sights and sounds. The French Club meets monthly.

Spanish Club (Moderator: Mrs. Horowitz) The Spanish Club offers students further exposure to the Spanish-speaking world and its cultures. In fun and educational ways, the club provides students with an enriching look at the world beyond the school’s doors, and it helps open them to the diversity of other students’ lives. The Spanish Club meets monthly.

Literary Journal (Moderator: Mrs. Gluszak) Aiming to encourage and support students’ creative writing passions and talents, the Literary Journal will showcase student fiction and nonfiction, particularly short stories and poetry. The hope is that through recognition and publication, students will pursue writing outside the classroom. The journal will be published once a year, in the spring. Participants will meet in Spring 2015.

Stock Market Game

Moderator: Mr. Reyes

The Stock Market Game (SMG) is a club activity in which participants can virtually invest in following real world stocks and bonds trading in the market using virtual funds. Each group/account is given $100,000 in virtual money to invest in any stock or bond traded in the markets through a web-based application.

The club meets bi-weekly.

Fitness Club (Moderator: Mr. Medina) The Fitness Club provides opportunities for the students to improve their fitness levels and overall health and wellness. Students will be able to identify their personal fitness goals, such as weight management, cardiovascular health, and/or strength/speed improvement. Participants in the Fitness Club meet twice a week, usually Mondays and Thursdays.

National Honor Society (Moderator: Mr. Diaz) Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary selects students who demonstrate and meet the specific qualities and criteria of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service to become members of its chapter of the National Honor Society.

Student Leadership Council (Moderator: Mr. Diaz) Student Leadership Council is the voice of the student body at Cathedral Prep. Composed of one student from each fraternity, these men meet regularly to discuss what can be done to improve our home. In addition to being an example for their classmates, these students serve as liaisons to the administration for their peers. It functions as a vehicle for collaborative leadership between the Administration and its members. The members of the council, along with the administration, work to address student concerns. Further, the council is established with the specific purpose of encouraging leadership within the student body, as members lead other students to be men for greatness. The Student Leadership Council meets weekly, usually Wednesdays.

Altar Servers

Community Service


Movie Club

Moderator: Mr. Reyes

The Movie Club provides students the opportunity to view movies, especially those with quotable lines. Entertaining programs can extend to watching quotable television shows. Most quotable movies are from the comedy genre.

The club meets monthly.

Music Appreciation Club

Moderator: Fr. Rodriguez

The Music Appreciation Club is an opportunity for students to–well–appreciate music, of course! The club aims to expose students to music from around the world, as well as its history and cultural importance.

The club meets monthly.


Art and Design Club

Moderator: Mr. Diaz

The Art and Design Club is meant to foster the creative talents of our students and to allow them to produce individual pieces of art.  Slated projects for this year include work with different mediums including oil paint and charcoal, mosaics, paintings of the school, fictional and comic book pieces, among many others.  This is the first year of the club, and it was begun by one of our current Juniors.