Visitor Policy


Graduates and adult visitors (18 and over) are welcome at Cathedral Prep, which is a place of brotherhood and community. The safety of our students is our top priority, and will always be our guiding principle. To that end, the following policy is enacted and enforced within Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary at all times. It is the responsibility of all faculty and staff of Cathedral Prep to enforce this policy with great vigilance. The policies for adult visitors are articulated below.

Adult visitors must always, without exception, have permission from the Administration to be present in the building.
Adult visitors must enter the building only through the main front doors, never through any other doors or the parking lot, which is off limits without direct permission.
Adult visitors must personally check-in and sign-in to the Main Office upon arrival and must adhere to the policies of Cathedral Prep that apply to all adult visitors.
All visitors are only permitted to use the bathroom facilities on the first floor. This includes both during and after school hours. Students are informed that they are only permitted to use student restrooms in other locations of the building.
Adult visitors must personally check-out and sign-out in the Main Office before leaving.
Any unaccompanied adult in the building will be reported to the Main Office or a member of the Administration immediately.

Spaces that are always off-limits to visitors
Student bathrooms on the Cafeteria level, 2nd floor, and 3rd floor
Locker Room

Spaces that are only permitted with expressed verbal permission and/or direct supervision/accompaniment by a member of the Cathedral Prep faculty and staff
Faculty Room
All classrooms
Weight Room
Media Center
All professional offices

The administration reserves the right to interpret and enforce these guidelines for the good of our students.
For this reason, they may also be amended when necessary. Enacted September 27, 2018.

Walkathon Date Change – Tuesday, May 22

Please note that due to the weather conditions, the Walkathon has been moved and will take place, rain or shine, on: TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2018.


1. Tomorrow, Friday, May 18, 2018 will be a regular school day with 2:46pm dismissal.

2. Seniors do not have to report to school tomorrow, Friday, May 18. Seniors will report to Cathedral Prep at normal time on Tuesday, May 22. Seniors will receive their graduation gowns on Tuesday, after the Walkathon.

3. All students are reminded of their fundraising obligations to the Walkathon.

Thank you for your continued support of Cathedral Prep.

Incoming Freshmen BBQ

Excitedly anticipating their start on the path towards greatness, members of the Class of 2022 and their families took part in our annual Incoming Freshman BBQ. Meeting each other for the first time, our “soon to be” frosh enjoyed burgers and dogs together before shooting hoops at an open gym. At the end of the event, each member received his class tee-shirt. We look forward to having these new brothers among us this coming fall.

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Class of 2022

Abernathy, Nicholas
Angerano, Frank
Baginski, Tomasz
Bieglarian, Mikhail
Bustillo, Derek
Cardoso, Iker
Castro, Robart
Chauca-Orellana, Kevin
Ciliberti, Charles
Cottone, Damiano
Dagostino, William
DeFrancesco, Nicholas
Deguzman, Xerxen
Deleon, Stewart
Faustin, Emmanuel
Fitzgerald, Joseph Patrick
Gallagher, Matthew
Gallagher, Vincent
Gilfeather, Robert
Gonzalez, Vittorio
Guerrero, Matthew
Guillen, Nicholas
Hammack, Michael
Hanna ,Mark
Jara, Joshua
Kiley, Timothy “Blaise”
Lall, Joshua
Mateo, Justin
McEvoy, Shane
McGarvey, Liam
Mejia, Alexander
Moran, Eoin
Moran, Sean
Orellana Estrada, Carlos
Pinzon, Santiago
Prangan, Mhelvin
Reyes, James
Rhodes, Michael
Rivera, Mauricio
Rosa, Brandon
Ruiz, Logan
Santiago, Izaiah
Smith, Charlie
Szczypczyk, Scott
Trovato, Lorenzo
VanWallendael, JohnAnthony
Walker, James

Testimonial Class of 2022

“We want to thank you all for the wonderful family BBQ. The entire staff at Cathedral made last night a great starting experience for all the incoming boys and their families. My husband and I were very delighted. I must add, the gym- time, and some bball after the BBQ was awesome! As you noticed, JohnAnthony could not wait to get into his Cathedral shirt, he even wore it today to school.  He is so happy:) I sensed the connection between the boys.  Ultimately, aside from a strong education, we just want JohnAnthony to be in the best possible setting.  Last night helps confirm that we chose the right school. I see Cathedral as a brotherhood-school, which is the environment we want as a family for JohnAnthony.” – Mrs. Holly VanWallendael

Seats are still available for the incoming class of 2022. If interested in applying, please contact Mr. Ryan Quinn:

Phone: (718) 592-6800 ext: 137 Email:

For more on our admissions process please click here.


Joint Statement from Catholic High Schools

Joint Statement from Catholic High Schools

As the Principals of the Catholic High Schools of Brooklyn and Queens we have kept the administration, faculty, staff, students and parents from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in our prayers since the thoughtless tragedy on February 14, 2018. We stand in support of the Parkland, Florida survivors as they draw strength in knowing that their efforts to effect necessary change are heard. We call on our elected leaders to do everything necessary to help us protect students against senseless acts such as the one in Florida and too many others across our country.

The mission of Catholic education within the Diocese of Brooklyn is to form children in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ as celebrated in the Catholic Church, while providing a comprehensive academic education that will help them reach their full human potential and contribute to the common good of our nation and the world. The alumni of our schools are leaders in every stratum of society, and our current students are the leaders and policy makers of tomorrow. We must stand as examples to them of the morality, justice and peace which we expect them to go forth and spread in the world.  As Principals, we are responsible for carrying out the mission of our schools, the education of our students and the safety and security of the adolescents in our care. As educators we are facing a world where we are increasingly called upon to become the last line of defense against unspeakable horrors.

Collectively, we as Catholic educators…as Americans…know that these attacks must stop and the time for action on all levels is long overdue. We unite in one voice to call upon our elected officials to effect nothing less than meaningful, proactive change.  In the words of Mahatma Ghandi we must “be the change we wish to see in the world”. That change starts today.

Mr. Darius Penikas
Archbishop Molloy High School

Dr. Margaret Lacey-Berman
Bishop Kearney High School

Mr. Edward A. Bolan
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School

Mr. Richie Diaz
Cathedral Preparatory School & Seminary

Ms. Geri Martinez
Christ the King High School

Ms. Mary Ann Spicijaric
Fontbonne Hall Academy

Mr. Edward Burns
Holy Cross High School

Mr. Joseph Dugan
Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School

Mr. James V. Castrataro
Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School

Mrs. Providencia Quiles
Nazareth Regional High School

Mrs. Susan Nicoletti
Saint Agnes Academic High School

Mrs. Allison McGinnis
St. Edmund Preparatory High School

Mr. Patrick McLaughlin
St. Francis Preparatory School

Mr. William A. Higgins
St. John’s Preparatory School

Mrs. Caroline Latham
St. Joseph High School

Dr. Paula T McKeown
St. Saviour High School

Sr. Kathleen McKinney C.S.J, Ed.D.
The Mary Louis Academy

Dcn. Kevin McCormack
Xaverian High School

Cathedral Fathers & Dads Come Together

On Thursday, February 15th, our Cathedral Fathers, Frs. Fonti, Lee, & Bethge, hosted an evening for our Cathedral Dads, some of whom are “Crusaders” themselves.

Celebrating the gift of fatherhood, our Fathers and Dads shared a meal together, listened to a conference on masculine spirituality given by Dr. Phil Franco, and ended the evening watching the Ranger/Islander game.

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“Not all Cathedral Men for Greatness had the school day off”…

“Not all Cathedral Men for Greatness had the school day off”…
Hats off to Rafael & Massimo for always keeping our building clean, safe and accessible!