1st Semester 2020-21 Honor Roll

Junior Leadership Day

Today we celebrated Junior Leadership Day. The Class of 2018 will always have a home at the Prep, but as they are headed to college, the Class of 2019 now assumes the role as the active student leaders in the building. At Mass, in the presence of the school community and family members of the Junior class, Father Fonti urged the members of the Class of 2019 to set a good example for their younger Prep brothers and to care for them in the manner of the Good Shepherd. After the homily Father Fonti blessed class rings and replicas of Pope Francis’ pectoral cross, displaying the Good Shepherd. The day ended with an open gym and lunch together.

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Testimonial Class of 2022

“We want to thank you all for the wonderful family BBQ. The entire staff at Cathedral made last night a great starting experience for all the incoming boys and their families. My husband and I were very delighted. I must add, the gym- time, and some bball after the BBQ was awesome! As you noticed, JohnAnthony could not wait to get into his Cathedral shirt, he even wore it today to school.  He is so happy:) I sensed the connection between the boys.  Ultimately, aside from a strong education, we just want JohnAnthony to be in the best possible setting.  Last night helps confirm that we chose the right school. I see Cathedral as a brotherhood-school, which is the environment we want as a family for JohnAnthony.” – Mrs. Holly VanWallendael

Seats are still available for the incoming class of 2022. If interested in applying, please contact Mr. Ryan Quinn:

Phone: (718) 592-6800 ext: 137 Email: rquinn@cathedralprep.org

For more on our admissions process please click here.


Homeschooled Vocations

The Currents NY

By Tim Harfmann, Cathedral Class of 2010



Mastroianni Strong Showing at State Championships

Congratulations to Freshman Crusader Anthony Mastroianni! He placed 14th out of 300 New York State Catholic school bowlers in the state championships.

Cathedral Fathers & Dads Come Together

On Thursday, February 15th, our Cathedral Fathers, Frs. Fonti, Lee, & Bethge, hosted an evening for our Cathedral Dads, some of whom are “Crusaders” themselves.

Celebrating the gift of fatherhood, our Fathers and Dads shared a meal together, listened to a conference on masculine spirituality given by Dr. Phil Franco, and ended the evening watching the Ranger/Islander game.

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Class of 2022

Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary congratulates the following men who have been extended an invitation to join the Class 2022:

  • Nicholas Abernethy
  • Anik Amin
  • Frank Angerano
  • Chisom Ani
  • Tomasz Baginski
  • Ethan Baijnauth
  • Peter Baltaian
  • David Bernatowicz
  • Mikhail Bieglarion
  • Matthew Bonora
  • Amado Buffamante
  • Derek Bustillo
  • Colin Byrne
  • Anthony Caracci
  • Peter Cardenas
  • Iker Cardoso
  • Robart Castro
  • Kevin Chauca
  • Zachary Chotkowski
  • Charles Ciliberti
  • Damiano Cottone
  • Ryan Curran
  • Anthony Cuzo
  • William Dagostino
  • Nicholas Defrancesco
  • Xerxen Deguzman
  • Gabriel Delaserna
  • Stewart Deleon
  • Carmelo Delorme
  • Christopher Donowski
  • Cyrus Dsouza
  • Matthew Duca
  • Mike Encalada
  • Gavin Escalona
  • Emmanuel Faustin
  • Joseph Fitzgerald
  • Brendan Foley
  • Matthew Gallagher
  • Vincent Gallagher
  • Andrew Gibowski
  • Robert Gilfeather
  • Vittorio Gonzalez
  • Branden Gotay
  • Joshua Grados
  • Charles Greenwood
  • Oscar Gremplewski
  • Matthew Guerrero
  • Gregor Guerrier
  • Nicholas Guillen
  • Michael Hammack
  • Mark Hanna
  • Gabriel Hernandez
  • Nathaniel Jaquez
  • Joshua Jara
  • George Johnson
  • Timothy Kiley
  • Brandon Klages
  • Robert Klub
  • Joshua Lall
  • David Leibman
  • Robert Lesser
  • George Linn
  • David Lizano
  • James Lockhart
  • Edward Lysaght
  • Matthew Malde
  • Philip Anthony Marbid
  • Matthew Marten
  • Justin Mateo
  • Shane Mcevoy
  • Liam Mcgarvey
  • Alexander Mejia
  • Jose Mella
  • Angelo Meshanski
  • Andrew Mora
  • Eoin Moran
  • Sean Moran
  • Jhon Milo Nunez
  • Carlos Orellana Estrada
  • Dominick Papandrea
  • Keenu Zander Paulino
  • Michael Pierre
  • Santiago Pinzon
  • Ryan Plut
  • Mhelvin Prangan
  • Evan Quinn
  • James Reyes
  • Michael Rhodes
  • NicholasRhodes
  • Juan Rico
  • Edwin Rivera
  • Jeremy Rivera
  • Mauricio Rivera
  • Steven Rivera
  • Innocenzio Rizzuto
  • Jason Rom
  • Thomas Ronconi
  • Brandon Rosa
  • Manuel Roxas III
  • Jeshua Ruda
  • Logan Ruiz
  • Jean Carlos Saez
  • Izaiah Santiago
  • John Sapia
  • Philip Schmidt
  • Trevor Singh
  • Charles Smith
  • Angelo Stratigakis
  • John Stravalle
  • Jean Suarez
  • Scott Szczypczyk
  • Dinal Thrimanna Hettige
  • Ricardo Timothee
  • Christian Torres
  • Lorenzo Trovato
  • Gabriel Valverde
  • JohnAnthony VanWallendael
  • Oscar Vasquez
  • Christian Vega
  • James Walker
  • Nicholas Wayte
  • Sam Wooding
  • Andrew Zalot
  • Geovanny Zambrano

History of New York Walking Tour of Brooklyn

On December 15, 2017, Mr. Sammarco ’10 led his History of New York City class on a walking tour through parts of Brooklyn to visit the battlefield and memorials of the Battle of Brooklyn, which took place on August 27, 1776. On the walk, they discussed battle tactics used during the event on Lookout Hill in Prospect Park, with a talk led by, alumnus, Col. Peter Sammarco, ’74. They also visited the Maryland 400 Memorial to discuss the bravery and sacrifice that those troops gave to save the Continental Army. They continued to walk along the Battle Pass, where one of the main parts of the Battle took place on that day in August, 1776. In addition to visiting the battle sites, they stopped at St. Joseph‘s Co-Cathedral where the rector, Msgr. Kieran Harrington, ‘89 gave them a tour of the cathedral. They ended their day of walking at 555 Washington Avenue, where it all began…Brooklyn Cathedral (1914-1985). The Seniors learned a lot about their own local history and braved the elements to learn from two fellow alumni!

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