Father and Dads

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” ~Proverbs 27:17

Monday, November 14th, Father Fonti met with dads of our young Crusaders. The night began with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and a conference on masculine spirituality in our Chapel. After feeding their souls, they had a pre-game meal before watching the Giants/Bengals Monday Night Football game.

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Crusader Fest

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Cathedral Prep hosted the first Crusader Fest of the year on November 10th. Fraternities battled in many sports and activities, including tug-of-war, football, ultimate frisbee, soccer, capture the flag, knockout, and an obstacle course. The Protectors of the Holy Father are looking to repeat last years victory with another strong showing.

“Leave all things, and come and follow Me.”


While in Poland at World Youth Day, recent graduate, Pedro Castillo, `16, confirmed God’s Will for him to discern a vocation to the priesthood. In his four years at Cathedral Prep, Pedro discerned seriously his vocation to the priesthood, having attended Father Fonti’s weekly discernment group and while achieving great academic success. At graduation, Pedro had plans to study Engineering at City College. Pedro said, that he chose to follow God’s Will and not his own because, “He has never let me down.”

Returning enthusiastically and joy filled to Cathedral he shared his good news with Mr. Diaz and Father Fonti and several of his classmates, who met to take him to breakfast. A member of the Neocatechumenal Way, Pedro has accepted their invitation to go to their seminary in Taiwan.

As we continue to foster priestly vocations at Cathedral, we pledge our prayerful support to our brother.


The Class of 1970 Reunites

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On Saturday, September 10th, members of the Class of 1970 came home to Alma Mater. Celebrating the 50th year of their start as freshmen, these wiser, more experienced Crusaders gave thanks to God for the gift of Cathedral. The night began with Mass in the chapel where they were formed to love and serve the Lord and His Church. It continued with dinner in the Student Leadership Room; the former Language Lab. Reminiscing about their mentors and teachers, their boyhood experiences, and the good times that inspired them to become Men for Greatness, the Class of 1970 at the conclusion of the night pledged to fund a yearly scholarship to allow one of today’s Crusader the benefit of a Cathedral education and spiritual formation.

One Step Closer to Graduation

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On May 25th, the 2016 senior class was welcomed in the Cathedral Prep Alumni Association. The alumni were represented by the multiple faculty and staff, who once walked these halls as students. Father Fonti, Richie Diaz, and Tim McCleary handed out custom Crusader cufflinks as a welcoming gift. Congratulations to our Men of Greatness and welcome to Cathedral’s extended family!

Fraternity & Unity

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The young men of our school participated in a night with their fathers, brothers, and uncles on May 18th. Father Fonti, the father of our house and the father for these young men, hosted a dinner and night of sports for the young men and their family members. Then on May 19th, the young men and faculty participated in the Annual Walk-a-thon and Fraternity day. Fraternities competed in various events at Juniper Valley Park (tug of war, three legged race,etc). Then the Faculty faced off against the senior class in softball; the faculty won with a walk off hit by Father Kuroly. They came back to school for a barbecue and danced it off for Fraternity bragging rights. We ended with a tribute to the one, the only, Father Kuroly as he leaves for his next mission at Saint Rose of Lima.

Project Andrew

On January 7th, Bishop DiMarzio, Father Sean Suckiel,’03,  Father Fonti,’84, Father Kuroly,`01, Father Rodriguez, and Father Herrera, ’05,  led a conversation about their vocation to priesthood, during a Cathedral initiative called Project Andrew. 23 Cathedral men and 3 Xaverian men sat in the Cathedral Studio listening to each vocation story. Bishop DiMarzio spoke about the multiple emotions priest encounter during their discernment time and time as a priest. He highlighted the emotions of sadness from a funeral to the joys and gladness of a Baptism, daily Mass, and Reconciliation.  Father Kuroly, a graduate and Assistant Principal of Cathedral, spoke about the communication with his pastor growing up. His pastor asked him “Why are you going to Cathedral?”, he responded with, “To become a priest”. His pastor responded with a simply yet powerfully, he said, “No. You go there to fall in love.”

After the priests finished, Bishop DiMarzio engaged the young men with a Question and Answer session. Finally, we wrapped the night up with dinner.
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Cardinal Dolan Visits Cathedral Prep

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March 2, 2015

Cardinal Dolan article by Tyler Flannery, ’15

Today, the Cathedral Prep community had the privilege of welcoming Timothy Cardinal Dolan into our house. Being that it was a visit that was unfortunately postponed a few months, it is safe to say that our Cathedral family was excited and honored to welcome such a prestigious member of the Catholic Church. Cardinal Dolan seemed equally honored to visit Cathedral Prep, recalling the many times he has met distinguished and right-minded graduates of the Prep. “I love Cathedral Prep’s motto, ‘Men For Greatness’,” he stated, reminding us that the first step to becoming great is realizing that you’re not.

In his homily, Cardinal Dolan reminded the Cathedral students of the importance of the Act of Contrition. He stated that we, as Catholics, must recognize that we have sinned, seek forgiveness, and ask for the grace of God so that we too can become better and move away from the temptation of sin. Following communion, Cardinal Dolan was gifted with a Student Leadership Council polo shirt by Cathedral’s student body president, and he then gifted the Cathedral community a day off from school (as is tradition when a bishop visits.) After being invited to stay for lunch, Cardinal Dolan seemed rather exciting, asking, “What’s on the menu?” Cardinal Dolan expressed hope that he would be invited back to Cathedral again, and the Cathedral community greatly appreciated his visit.

Following the Mass, Cardinal Dolan greeted each Cathedral student individually, from the seniors to the freshmen. For me, particularly, this was a rather heart warming gesture. Considering Fr. Fonti, our Rector-President, individually greets each of us at the beginning of the school day, having Cardinal Dolan do this made it clear that he truly is a part of the Cathedral family. Cardinal Dolan was invited to take a mini “tour” around the school, and seemed very impressed by the updated technology in Cathedral’s new media center. He appreciated the fact that our students now have the ability to attain any information with the click of a button, and was very happy that Cathedral is providing the best education they can for the Catholic gentlemen of today. To say the least, Cardinal Dolan seemed to enjoy his visit to Cathedral, and the Cathedral community was honored to have him.

Also, please view NET TV Coverage

Currents correspondent Katie Breidenbach reports from Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary, where Cardinal Timothy Dolan celebrated Mass and visited students.

Please click on link below to see Cardinal Dolan’s visit to Cathedral Prep NET TV video coverage:

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