Bishop DiMarzio Celebrates Christmas at Cathedral

Yesterday, Cathedral Prep celebrated an early Christmas with the head of our community, Bishop DiMarzio. After celebrating morning Mass, Bishop enjoyed a breakfast with his students. Robert Vasquez ’21 entertained, playing Christmas carols on his saxophone. Prior to breakfast, the present “studio” was rededicated in honor of Bishop Francis X. Ford, a graduate of Cathedral Prep (New York), whose cause for canonization will be presented to the Vatican. Born in Brooklyn, Francis Ford heard the call to be a Maryknoll missionary in China. Ordained a bishop, he was eventually imprisoned, tortured, and starved to death (’52) while incarcerated. Hailed as a courageous witness to the faith and an exemplary priest and bishop, Bishop DiMarzio blessed both a portrait of Bishop Ford and the room which now bears his name: “Bishop Ford Center.” An excerpt from the bishop’s blessing:

May this space, now dedicated to Bishop Ford’s honor
and memory, encourage all those who study
within it to imitate his selfless and sacrificial

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