Athletic Mission Statement 

The mission of the Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary Athletic Department is founded on our belief that interscholastic athletics and forensics help augment the Cathedral mission to form the mind in the ways of academic excellence and the heart and soul in the ways heroic virtue and belief. 

Cathedral Prep competes in seven different interscholastic sports as part of the CHSAA and participates as an active member in the Brooklyn-Queens Diocese High School Athletic League. Our uniqueness creates better opportunities for our young men to compete on the Junior and Varsity levels.


Fall Sports

  • Bowling
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer
  • Forensics

Winter sports

  • JV Basketball
  • Varsity Basketball 

Spring sports

  • Track and Field
  • Baseball


Athletics and forensics foster and encourage maturity and grace through participation and promote character traits of:

commitment to take one’s God given talents to the highest level of performance;
respect for coaches, teammates, officials, opponents;
discipline to reach high standards;
sportsmanship representing Cathedral to the community;
leadership among teammates on and off the playing field;

all designed to assist in the formation of men for greatness. 

For any questions about the sports program contact:

Erich Naumann, Athletic Director

(718) 592-6800 / email:


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