St. Matthew Society Mass & Networking Night

April 7, 2016

The Cathedral Prep Saint Matthew Society, consisting of alumni and friends who are employed in the financial and business sector, assists the school in its mission by helping alumni in sharing business opportunities, raising funds for tuition assistance, scholarships, and other school and student needs. The Saint Matthew Society members are people who believe and aid in the spreading of the mission of Cathedral Prep through the society members’ business networks. We are extremely grateful for their support. The event has exponentially grown over the years and this past year’s dinner was a great success.

The 2015 dinner held over 100 people and raised over $30,000 for Cathedral Prep’s Tuition Assistance and Scholarship Fund.

We would like to thank our Chairman, Jerry Magaldi, `74, chef Bill Caruana, ’72, along with the Committee Members and supporters.

Jerry Magaldi, ‘74 Chairman
Greg Ronan, ‘67
John T. Corrigan, ‘69
William Caruana, ‘72
Tom Early, ‘74
John M. Kirrane, ‘74
Leon Terrano, ‘74
Eugene Clark, ‘75
John Power, ‘85
Vinny LaPuma, ‘00
Cindy Brolsma
James Gange
Matthew Kelsey
George Jathas
Tim McCleary
Tom Powers
Michael Tumino