2019 Open House Dates:

  • Saturday September 28th, and Sunday October 20th, or call (718-592-6800,ext.137) to schedule an individual visit – “Man for Greatness for a Day”


“Man for Greatness for a Day”

We welcome young men to visit Cathedral for a day.  To arrange a “Man for Greatness for a Day” at Cathedral, please contact Dr. Philip Franco (718)592-6800 ext. 137

The Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary “Man for Greatness for a Day” Program is designed to introduce prospective seventh and eighth grade students to the life of a Crusader. The student will shadow a current freshman throughout a regular school day, beginning in homeroom and following him the entire day. The day begins at 7:45 am until dismissal at 2:46 pm. When scheduling your “Man for Greatness for a Day” we ask that you give at least 3 days notice so that we can plan appropriately. Lunch will be provided for all visiting students.


Catholic parents want the best education for their sons. In a thoroughly faith-filled environment where academic excellence is priority. They want their sons to grow closer to the Church in their teen years, not drift away from it. They want their sons to discover their true vocation in life, whatever it may be. Most of all, parents want their sons to be happy – to be well-educated, well rounded, and well-loved.

At Cathedral those are our goals, too. The word “seminary” in our name means “seedbed.” Some seeds at Cathedral do in fact mature into priests, thanks be to God. But most of our graduates go on to great careers in the world, carrying a strong faith with them.

If you want your son to mature into a truly great man – whether or not he’s called to the priesthood – plant the seeds of greatness at Cathedral Prep.

Cathedral promises your son:

  • A well-rounded education
  • Preparation for success in college
  • Friendships for a lifetime
  • A deeper friendship with Jesus
  • An environment to discern God’s plan
  • The challenge to become a Man for Greatness