The admission process begins with the student taking the TACHS Exam in November and selecting Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary as one of his choices. Students who apply to Cathedral Prep must be Catholic. In December we receive a list of students who put Cathedral Prep as one of their choices on the TACHS Exam. We then mail a Principal’s Report to each school asking for information/recommendation for each student. We also send a letter to each student in December inviting them to come to an interview in early January. All students who wish to be considered for admission must come for an interview. We also include an Application Form which they must complete and bring with them to the interview. Interviews are conducted by the Administration.

After all interviews are conducted, the Administration considers each applicants grades, teacher recommendation, and test scores before determining if Cathedral Prep is the most appropriate school for each applicant. Decision letters are mailed to each student in mid-January along with a Letter to the Rector-President asking for their reply to the acceptance letter. The acceptance letter will inform students if they received a scholarship. Some students will also be informed that as a condition of their acceptance, they are required or urged to attend a special program conducted here at Cathedral Prep during the month of July. Their accept form is due back to Cathedral Prep by the beginning of February.

After all responses are received, information for Registration Night will be mailed to all students who accepted the invitation to attend Cathedral Prep.

Cathedral Prep’s TACHS number 013.

If you are interested in further information regarding admissions to Cathedral Prep School and Seminary, please contact the main office: (718)-592-6800, Ext. 101.

Please review the following forms: