Chess club:

Supervisor: Mr. David Follenius

Dance club:

Supervisor: Mrs. Karla Florez

Discussion group:

Supervisor: Mrs. Christa Codoluto

Finance club:

Supervisor: Mr. David Follenius

Fitness club:

Supervisor: Mr. Alejandro Sanchez

Forensics (speech and debate) team:

Supervisor: Mr. Alejandro Sanchez

Gaming club:

Supervisor: Mr. Jeremy Reyes

Newspaper (The Urban Crusader):

Supervisor: Mrs. Luisa Peluso

Star Wars club:

Supervisor: Mr. Gregory Barron

STEM & Robotics club:

Supervisor: Dr. Richie Diaz

Yearbook (The Annual):

Supervisor: Mr. Peter Sammarco

Intramural Sports:

  • Flag Football
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Dodgeball
  • Basketball


Fraternities are designed to bring students from all grade levels together. It provides an opportunity for our young men to interact and create relationships with other students that are not in their class. There is some fun that comes along with the formation of our fraternities. During the Crusaderfest, fraternities matchup against each other in a series of events to determine a champion.

The Adorers of the Eucharist:

Fr. Christopher Bethge

The Apprentices of St. Joseph:

Mr. David Follenius

The Bearers of Good News:

Mrs. Christa Codoluto

The Coheirs to Eternal Life:

Mr. Jeremy Reyes

The Defenders of the Faith:

Mrs. Luisa Peluso

The Fishers of Men:

Mr. Miguel Rubin de Celis

The Guardians of Virtue:

Mr. Peter Sammarco

The Knights of Cathedral Prep:

Mr. Gregory Barron

The Protectors of the Holy Father:

Mr. Joseph Fortunat

The Sons of Mary:

Ms. Antoinette Camarda

The Servants of the Paraclete:

Mrs. Karla Florez

The Warriors of St. Michael:

Mr. Alejandro Sanchez