66 Crusaders

56 Alumni

39 With Address Contact Information

25 With Phone Contact Information

22 With E-Mail Contact Information

Missing Alumni

Rev. William L. Authenrieth

Mr. John C. Bestler

Mr. Daniel Casey

Mr. Richard Colabella

Mr. Michael Coyne

Mr. John Driscoll

Rev. William E. Finger

Mr. Paul D. Hamilton

Mr. Gerard Mackin

Mr. Leo Maresca

Mr. John McCaul

Mr. Michel J. McNally

Mr. Henry R. Neuville, Jr.

Mr. Terrace Noonan

Mr. Jack Ryan

Mr. Michael C. Soltile

Mr. Joost Van der Wetering

If you have contact information on any men above, please contact the alumni office at 718-592-6800, Ext. 137/120 or alumni@cathedralprep.org or have the alum reach out to our office.

Thank you,

The Alumni Office