Testimonial Class of 2022

“We want to thank you all for the wonderful family BBQ. The entire staff at Cathedral made last night a great starting experience for all the incoming boys and their families. My husband and I were very delighted. I must add, the gym- time, and some bball after the BBQ was awesome! As you noticed, JohnAnthony could not wait to get into his Cathedral shirt, he even wore it today to school.  He is so happy:) I sensed the connection between the boys.  Ultimately, aside from a strong education, we just want JohnAnthony to be in the best possible setting.  Last night helps confirm that we chose the right school. I see Cathedral as a brotherhood-school, which is the environment we want as a family for JohnAnthony.” – Mrs. Holly VanWallendael

Seats are still available for the incoming class of 2022. If interested in applying, please contact Mr. Ryan Quinn:

Phone: (718) 592-6800 ext: 137 Email: rquinn@cathedralprep.org

For more on our admissions process please click here.


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