2018 Soccer Team

18 Clifford Ambroise
8 Johnathan Caceres
5 Anthony Camastro
11 Franky Camastro
17 Alex Chen
4 Matthew Davies
15 Antonio Goncalves
00 Mario Olmedo
16 Carlos Orellana
6 James Otazo
3 Juan Rodriguez
7 Chris Santagata
2 Andres Siguencia
9 Matthew Smith
19 Jack Vizhnay
14 Kevin Martinez
20 Michael Guarneri


2017 Roster:

  • Mario Olmedo (GK)
  • Matthew Davies (CB, RB, GK)
  • Anthony Camastro (CB, CDM)
  • Antoine Horan (RB, CB)
  • Juan Rodríguez (LB)
  • Francis Camastro (LM, LB) *Freshman
  • James Otazo (LB, CM) *Freshman
  • Neil Hickey (RB, CDM)
  • Nichola Fitissov (RM, FW)
  • Antonio Goncalves (CDM)
  • Johnathan Caceres (CDM, CM, CAM, LM, RM)
  • Andrés Siguencia (RM, RB, CM)
  • Jack Viznhay (CM)
  • Nicholas Goncalves (CAM)
  • Cristopher Santagata (FW) *Freshman
  • Matthew Smith (FW)
  • Sebastian Rosas (FW)
  • Adam Zajkowski (FW, CB)

The following are invited to attend practices:

  • Melvin Reyes (LB)
  • Michael O’Brien (CB) *Freshman
  • Michael Guarneri (RM, CM, RB) *Freshman
  • Richard Cisneros (LCB)
  • Joshua Zayas (FW)
  • Juan Zapata
  • Rafael Silva
(NOTE: In addition to this list any freshman interested in playing soccer for the team may come and participate in practices at any point throughout the season.) Other students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) must be able to juggle the ball 50 times (yes, 50 touches without letting the ball hit the ground) in order to be allowed to participate in our sessions.)