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The Vianney Program for Incoming Freshmen

“St. John Vianney as a young student was lively enough in conversation – his banter was quick and neat. It was a pleasure to listen to him. But, intellectual pursuits rather bewildered him, and he seemed to become helpless as soon as he felt a pen in his hand. Through no fault of his own, his intellect had been permitted to lay fallow. St. John Vianney was a man who started his life as one who very few thought would ever amount to anything, but gave God permission to use him as the vehicle.” {Adapted from The Cure D’Ars, Trochu}

Erin McDonough


The Vianney Project is designed to meet the special academic needs of specific students beginning with their studies in the Fr. Troike Program and continuing over the course for their four years of study and growth at Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary.

The Program will do this by:
1. Identifying and meeting the students’ special academic needs, especially in the disciplines of English and Math;

2. Addressing their academic needs through unique approaches to teaching and learning, including a student-centered classroom environment;

3. Supporting the academic and social growth of students through regular formal and informal meetings and discussions with various members of the school (administration, faculty, current students); and by

4. Approaching student achievement and work in unique ways that prevent missed work and other traditional failures that prohibit academic growth and learning.

The Vianney Program is designed to primarily focus on the English and Math student deficiencies and courses, but will also include a Science course.

In this initial year, Mrs. Gluszak will teach the English course, Ms. Sammarco will teach the Math course, and Mr. Reyes will teach the Science course.

Each course will meet for 1 hour in the Student Leadership Room (with the exception of Science, which will meet in the Science Lab).

Mr. Diaz will meet with each student at least once each week. These “pull-out meetings” will take place during the Science course so as not to prevent students from missing time in the English and Math courses.

Larger Vision

The larger vision and plan is that the work and the components of the course designs, meetings, reports, etc. from July will lead to our design of a new Freshman B-class program we will pilot with next year’s incoming freshmen class in September.

This initial year of The Vianney Program will run from July 2015 to June 2016.

Upon the completion of this pilot year, all involved parties will meet in hopes of to expanding the program with the Class of 2020 and continuing with the sophomore year of the Class of 2019.

Cathedral Prep Launches Vianney Program for Academic Support
August 5, 2015
By Maria-Pia Negro Chin

Another way Cathedral Prep School is helping incoming freshman is through a new academic support initiative called the St. John Vianney Program. Launched this July as part the Father Troike Summer Leadership Program, about half of the incoming class of ninth graders will receive extra academic support.

Principal Richie Diaz said that the idea for the program came after two years of noticing that some incoming students needed a better foundation in math, English and other subjects.

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