Stations of the Cross Seen Through the Eyes of Men for Greatness

The Stations of the Cross

Seen Through the Eyes of Our Men for Greatness

Opening Prayer

+ God of power and mercy,
in love You sent Your Son
that we might be cleansed of sin
and live with you forever.
Bless us as we gather to reflect
on His suffering and death
that we may learn from His example
the way we should go.
We ask this through t
hat same Christ, our Lord. Amen

The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death

 Reflection and Prayer by Damian Dabek, Sophomore

Jesus, You were condemned to death by Pontius Pilate. You could have stopped Your death, but because You loved us so much, You chose to die for us sinners. Lord Jesus, enable me to show that same love and affection towards You in the way I care for those around me. You accepted Your fate from the time You decided to save us from sin. Guide me to be resolute and to accept the challenges and responsibilities that I face in everyday life. Let me surpass laziness and take on tasks without fear, knowing that it is what You want me to do. Just as You embraced Your cross, let me take up mine each day without hesitancy. Give us your strength, Guide us by Your wisdom…fill us with determination.

We pray that this station helps to remind us of Your sacrifice and the eternal love you have for us. Help us all emulate and imitate that love. Amen.


The Second Station: Jesus Carries His Cross

 Reflection and Prayer by Aidan Birth, Senior

We all carry crosses in our lives. These crosses vary in size. They weigh down on us to the point that they can be unbearable. Sometimes they come in the form of physical pains; other times they are spiritual pains. Jesus, in His humanity, also carried a cross. Jesus carried all the sins of the world in the form of a cross. He felt so much pain, but he didn’t give up. He knew this cross was necessary because it was a “holy” cross; one that would save us from sin.

Jesus, as you take up your cross, we will want to walk with you to Calvary.

Lord Jesus Christ, give us the courage to take up our cross in this life without giving up. Our crosses, like yours, can be heavy, but we offer any/all our pain up to you for our salvation and the salvation of others. When we unite our suffering with yours, we walk with you not to Calvary, but to heaven.

Give us your strength to remain faithful to making this journey with you. Amen.


 The Third Station: Jesus Falls for the First Time

 Reflection and Prayer by Eryk Baginski, Freshman

Throughout our life we face many hardships and obstacles. Each day we are faced with challenges that God wants us to overcome. The majority of the time, we succumb to daily temptations and give up on defeating daily struggles.  We rush our homework and put mediocre effort into it just to obtain a few extra minutes to play a pointless video game. We don’t do our homework or a required task to our greatest capability because we are distracted and tempted. We feel overwhelmed and tired so we choose the easy path and give up instead of trying to solve the problem and putting effort into it. Jesus fell under the weight of the cross, but He never lost faith and immediately got back up again.  Throughout life, we will face challenging obstacles; but we must remember to always stay hopeful and never choose the easy way. God is always there for us if we need his assistance. We have to conquer the challenges of daily life by being persistent. We must not allow ourselves to be distracted, and we must do all our work with maximum effort, never giving up on a problem. If a problem causes us to fall, we must rise up and attempt to overcome it like Jesus did. With God’s help, any problem can be solved.

Lord, help me to stay on the right path and not to be misled by the devil. Help me to resist temptation.

And, if I fall, may your example and strength give me the courage to stand up again. Amen.


The Fourth Station: Jesus Meets His Mother

 Reflection and Prayer by David Barnacle, Senior

This station shows in a very clear way the suffering of the innocents. Neither Jesus nor Mary had done anything wrong in their lives, but they were subject to such pain that would probably make somebody like me angry at God for doing an injustice to them. But they knew that this had to happen and that the Father’s will was not their own, and so they suffered through it. This station is a reminder that God is the one who knows what is the best for us and that there is no such thing as a life without suffering, because through suffering comes the Resurrection.

Jesus, help me to accept the suffering that comes to me and to accept God’s plan for my life, especially when I don’t like it. Help me to imitate you when I see that painful times are ahead. Mary, as the mother of God, you have adopted me as well. Take care of me and show me the love you have for your son, Jesus, and for everyone. When struggles in life press down upon me like the weight of your son’s cross, give me the humility to ask for your help. Amen


The Fifth Station: Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross

 Reflection and Prayer by Alexander Lomas, Freshman

At this point, Jesus is very weak from all the torture he has received. Jesus will not be able to make it up the Hill of Calvary. The soldiers are desperate for Jesus to move faster, so they pick Simon of Cyrene out of the crowd. Simon was just watching Jesus, but he was forced to help him. This station allows us to reflect on all those moments when we refused to help someone, or only helped them with a flippant attitude. We should remember all those times we disobeyed our parents, or just listened without the intent of helping. The Fifth Station is important because it teaches us to help and serve others regardless of who they are, have or give to us.

God, help us to be willing to help others. Help us to care for others even when we don’t want to. Help us to reflect on all those times we denied our help to someone. Make us sensitive to others and generous of heart. Amen.


 The Sixth Station: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

 Reflection and Prayer by John Schilling, Junior

In this station, Jesus continues his long journey with the cross on his back. Jesus is sweating. Jesus is bleeding. Jesus is suffering. Jesus is in pain. Acknowledging this pain, Veronica approaches Him and wipes His face to relieve as much of His suffering as she can. Jesus leaves the image of His face on her cloth, showing His love and appreciation.

Jesus, you are not only physically suffering, you feel betrayed. In fact, it is for those who betrayed you that you are suffering in the first place. Despite this betrayal, you carry out your Father’s work to save his people. Then, Veronica appears and she wipes your face to make Your sacrifice more bearable for You. She reminds You that not everyone has turned their backs on You and that Your suffering will be worth it in the end. For God sent his only Son to save His people from their sins. The image of Your face showed Veronica You would remember her kindness and that You would overcome suffering and death.

Lord, I pray to You. I humbly ask that You remember me and all those who serve You by following your teachings in their daily lives. In today’s world, we are often tempted to turn our backs on you like most of the people did when You were crucified. Please know that Your sacrifice was worth it. With Your help, we will continue to bear our own crosses with courage. Lord, have mercy on us and those who still remain indifferent to Your sacrifice. I pray that they shall see You in your glory and rejoice at the sight. Lord, remember us when You come into your kingdom. Amen.


The Seventh Station: Jesus Falls for the Second Time

 Reflection and Prayer by Matthew Sacktig, Freshman

We are able to relate to Jesus’ Second Fall for each of us experiences many falls in life. Falling as he grew weak on the way to Golgotha, Jesus nonetheless persevered and got up again. This station teaches us that when we are weak and want to stop trying that like the weak Jesus, we too can, with God’s help, persevere. Often when we fail, when we fall, we are overcome with disappointment. We believe that life is too hard, and thus we are tempted to throw in the towel. Jesus teaches us that we need to keep trying; that we need to stay in the fight with our heads up and our hearts open to receive strength from God.

Lord Jesus, help us in our time of need. Every time that I do something wrong or hurt someone else, I push You down. Help me to use the efficacious grace that You give me to rise up and continue my walk. Amen.

The Eighth Station: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

 Reflection and Prayer by Joel Edouard, Senior

When I think of Jesus speaking to the women of Jerusalem, I think of those who are always there for me: my teachers, mentors, and parents. Sacrificing their time, sharing their wisdom and patiently helping me to grow and develop as a man, these good souls witness the same generous love Jesus showed when he took “time” to speak and comfort those who were grieving and in need. Jesus’ compassion – that is, His suffering with those who were in pain – inspires me to stay grateful for the sympathetic care of others. It encourages me always be one who seeks to give rather than receive.

Lord Jesus, like the women of Jerusalem, help me to shoulder some of the burden of Your cross by being a caregiver to others. Help me not to be consumed so much so with my own interests, that I turn a deaf ear to those who are in need and suffering around me. Amen.


The Ninth Station: Jesus Falls for the Third Time

 Reflection and Prayer by Jonathan Careers, Sophomore

Lord, at times, my journey seems to be very long. It feels as if there is always a struggle that I have to go through. At times, I find it hard to concentrate on tests; I fail to fulfill some of my responsibilities, to put my best foot forward. Sometimes I’m tempted to stop trying…I get lazy. Inspire me to get up and to keep going just like You did when you fell for the third time.

Lord, help me to carry my cross and to confront the struggles that I have. Give me the strength to succeed as you did one step at a time. Even if I’m tired and it seems that I can’t go on, invigorate my spirit with hope so that like You I can get up again. Give me the courage to keep going. Amen.

The Tenth Station: Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

 Reflection and Prayer by Christopher Vollmerhausen, Freshman

Jesus is stripped of his garments.  The Romans did this to embarrass Him.  Removing His clothes, they sought to strip him of His dignity, to make Him feel insecure. Amazingly, Jesus did not complain. He did not resist. He embraced the shame for love of you and me.  I will recall this station the next time I feel embarrassed, feel left out, or put down. I will pray: “Jesus give me your strength; shield me with your love.”

May the love I have for myself show itself in the way that I love and respect the dignity of others.

Just as Your only begotten Son, Jesus, did not resist or complain as He was stripped of His garments, so may I draw my strength from Jesus and realize that I can overcome the trials and obstacles of my life. May I understand the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us, so that I can fulfill my obligation and duty to live the Christian life and respect the dignity of others. Amen.


The Eleventh Station: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

 Reflection and Prayer by Xavier Nierer, Sophomore

Lord, you allowed yourself to be tortured for love of me. When I am disrespected, make me grow strong in character. Help me to give my life for what is right, good and holy. Help me to discern my individual vocation so that like You I will give my all. Thank You for loving me enough to sacrifice Yourself for me.

Lord, help me to realize that You suffered for me. Help me to be better. I know that You love and want me, and that when I sin, I am turning away from You. Help me to understand how much You suffered for me. Let me realize that the cross is an image of Your mercy and love, not just of pain and sadness. Help me to make the most of Your sacrifice. Amen.

The Twelfth Station: Jesus Dies on the Cross

 Reflection and Prayer by Joseph Museo, Junior

After three agonizing hours that our Lord spent on the cross, His last drop of blood left him. He passed from this world so as to free us from death forever. His greatest act of love, that was prophesized eons before he was born of Mary, was completed and His victory over sin was secured. To a non-believer, it would seem to be all over for this humble Man who taught peace and tolerance to anyone and everyone. But we know better as followers of Christ, don’t we? Death is a part of life…it is what makes life count; it comes regardless of social status or overall health. Jesus died like those before and after Him, yet His death gave way to new life! A new, eternal life in heaven with God is promised us who believe. Our salvation came to us through God’s love and Jesus’ willingness to die for us.   All that He asks of us in return is that we love God and one another as He did. It can be hard to love as He did and to choose love rather than hate. But, if we ask for His strength, we can and will do it.

Lord, grant that I may love you always and strive to do Your will. As You loved and laid down your life for me, so inspire me to do the same for You. Amen.


 The Thirteenth Station: Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross

 Reflection and Prayer by Stephen Jankowski, Junior

The soldiers took each of the crucified down from his cross. The two prisoners crucified with Jesus were still alive, so the soldiers broke their bones to get them down from their cross. When they got to Jesus, they saw that He was already dead. They pierced his side, and blood and water flowed out. They took Him down from the Cross and put Him in the arms of his Mother, Mary. How hard it must have been for Your mother. Throughout the whole day she saw her Son beaten and crucified, and now He laid died in her arms. The only thing she could do was to console Your beaten, broken body. She held You tightly in her arms, the same arms that caressed You as a child.

O Lord, You know all too well that during our earthly journey we are going to fail and sin. Help us O Lord. Through the intercession of your Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Sorrows, help us to “say no” to sin. But also Lord, put a Mary in our own lives. Every time we sin, Lord, may we have a Mary there to console us and to bring us strength. Also Lord, allow us to be instruments of consolation. When people need loving support, may what your Mother did for you inspire us to extend a helping hand to others. Amen.


The Fourteenth Station: Jesus is Placed in the Tomb

 Reflection and Prayer by Jonathan Oscategui, Senior

This station fills me with both deep sorrow as well as the calm feeling of hope. I feel sorrow because Jesus suffered extreme pain and sacrificed Himself to save us all. I have hope because Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. All of the suffering that Jesus endured shows me that sometimes you have to suffer in order to serve a greater purpose. Sometimes, when I go through hardships and struggle, I’m tempted to give up. Turning to the suffering Christ, I receive from Him the strength to persevere, to not give up. Battles are waged, but peace prevails for those who hope and trust in the Lord.

Lord, please continue to help me to strive and endure as You did. Let me learn to love as You have loved me and to give without measure. Help me to be a beacon for others who want to follow Your path of peace and love. May I always have the courage to follow the Father’s plan for me just as You did when You died on the Cross for our sins. Amen.

Closing Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,
Your passion and death is the sacrifice that unites earth and heaven
and reconciles all people to You.
May we who have faithfully reflected on these mysteries
follow in Your steps and so come to share Your glory in heaven
where You live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit
one God, forever and ever. Amen +

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