Senior Physics

Physics Class

Danny Dilone, a seminarian from Cathedral Seminary House of Formation, is serving his apostolate at Cathedral Prep this semester. During this apostolate, Danny has volunteered his time to serve our science-savvy seniors by teaching a weekly, four session, physics course. Danny received his Bachelor of Science in Physics from CUNY- Brooklyn College (class of 2016) with a double minor in mathematics and computer science.

The class as described by Dilone:

“The physics class is an independent study of Newtonian Mechanics. The whole aim of the class is to get students familiar with the syntax of Newtonian Physics and for the students to be able to think critically and become problem solvers. The class is designed to meet only four times for 1hr, which presents itself as a challenge since the material that we are covering is far from easy.  However, I am happy with the progress that the class is making in engaging in class discussion and asking questions. The class is heavy in mathematics. I think most of the students are taking Pre-Calc, and there are some elements of calculus that I am incorporating into the class.”

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