November 2018


Dear Cathedral Prep Parents and Guardians:

 As you may know, vaping in its various forms is quickly becoming a nationwide epidemic in High Schools.  Despite Cathedral’s family atmosphere and strong Catholic values, we are not completely immune to such societal issues. In recent weeks, it has become apparent to teachers and administration that vaping is very likely going on in the building.

 In terms of health effects, vaping, popularly known as “Juuling” which is a specific brand, is extremely dangerous akin to smoking. Despite some advertising, it is not less dangerous than smoking. There is the additional danger of sometimes using illegal drugs within vaping equipment. However, the nature of vaping is such that it avoids the usual smell and smoke of traditional cigarettes. When you combine this fact with our obvious inability to actively watch or patrol inside the restrooms, this problem is difficult to catch and deter.

 What you, as Parents and Guardians, need to know:

    • Cathedral Prep is concerned about the health and welfare of all of our students. We do not permit this activity or even the possession of such paraphernalia, at any time or at any place associated with Cathedral Prep, whether within the building or not.
    • Please be aware of this phenomenon and be PROACTIVE. We encourage you to actively discuss it with your sons. If you see any change in behavior or perhaps suspect anything of this nature, do not hesitate to contact us for discussion. If you know this is a concern for your son, let us know proactively so we can assist you in finding a healthy solution.
    • Cathedral remains vigilant regarding this issue and will inform the necessary parties when such activity is found.
  • We reiterate, as stated previously and in the handbook: the possession and/or use of any form of vaping paraphernalia (like any other drug not prescribed by a doctor) is reason for immediate expulsion from the school. The school takes any such dangerous activity very seriously.  This is the case for every student in the school, whether he is a freshman who is becoming accustomed to high school, a senior hoping to graduate or anyone in between – the student will be subject to expulsion.


Some helpful information can be found in this article:


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This letter was given to each of our students as the academic year began. . . .
August 29, 2018
The Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist

My Spiritual Sons:

Since my appointment as Rector-President in 2013, I have written a personalized letter to each of you at the beginning of a new academic year. Recent disturbances within our society and Church warrant me to write a collective letter this year.

Whether your emotion is the excitement of a senior eager to graduate or the anxiousness of a freshman wondering “what high school is all about,” acknowledging the emotional movements within and around us is both healthy and necessary.

These past five years, I have diligently worked with our staff and faculty to give each of us a clean, comfortable, and safe environment in which to work and study. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has helped me to make Cathedral not only a stellar academic institution, but also “a home away from home.”

Security has been a top priority of mine especially in these unsettling times when terrorism and school violence have filled all of us with concern and fear. Installing additional security cameras and lighting this past year within our building as well as around its perimeter, have given us an added layer of protection. As you return to your studies this year you will also find a new security measure: an added set of security doors within the foyer of the school. These bulletproof glass doors will be open wide at the beginning and end of each school day for easy entry and egress. At all other times they will remain locked. A student or visitor who enters the building when the doors are closed will only have access to the building if he/she is personally let in by a member of our staff. Unlike the main doors, there is no buzzer to let you enter the building. Patience will be required, as a member of the office staff will have to come to greet you.

Security measures are only as good and effective as those who respect and properly use them. When we hear of a terrible tragedy especially at a location where young people are gathered, we are saddened and maybe even frightened, “could this happen here, in my/our school?” It has often been said: “the best defense is a good offense.” If each of us entrusts to his/her care the welfare of the other by remaining conscious and alert, we will all have a peace of mind and heart in knowing that our home, school, and community is safe and protected.

It is now with great shame and sorrow that I address another serious matter plaguing our Catholic community at this time. The recent revelations of scandalous and sinful behavior perpetrated by several members of our Church’s hierarchy (bishops) and priests particularly in their care of young people, impels me to assure you that not only our building, but more importantly, you, are safe!

The abominable deeds done by those who pledged at their ordination to protect souls not molest them deeply saddens and disgusts me. With my brother priests, your priests, Father Lee and Father Bethge, I am greatly ashamed but I am also determined more than ever with them to share with you the joy and goodness of the priesthood of Jesus Christ. We love being priests. We love especially sharing the gift of the priesthood with each of you, our spiritual sons.

If at any time during your stay at Cathedral you feel uncomfortable, disrespected, threatened or mistreated by anyone – priest, faculty, staff or fellow student – speak up! I promise you: you will be heard, respected and the matter addressed.

I am excited about seeing you and hearing about all the wonderful things you experienced during the summer. Grateful to Bishop DiMarzio for renewing me for another year, I look forward to working with you, praying with you, challenging you, forming you, and deepening my love for you.

Never more proud of the honor God bestows on me by virtue of His Son’s priesthood to be known as and called “father” by you, I promise you a safe, enjoyable and growth-filled year.

When you arrive next week and every day for school thereafter, know that I will be waiting for you at the door ready to greet you and receive you with a father’s embrace of support and love.

Verso L’Alto!
Father Fonti

Prayer in Honor of Saints Anne & Joachim

O holy Saint Anne and Saint Joachim

your were privileged to be the parents

of the Blessed Virgin Mary

and the grandparents of Jesus, the Son of God.

Your faith and trust in God was blessed

when Anne became pregnant at time in her life

when she had given up hope of having a child.

With joy and thanksgiving,

she gave birth to a daughter, Mary,

who would become the mother of our Savior.

You surrounded Mary with your love

and taught her how to trust in God

and be a woman of faith.

As parents you had the day-to-day responsibility

of helping Mary grow

and of guiding her to believe

even in times of uncertainty.

Saint Anne and Saint Joachim,

we ask you to guide all parents

in their day-to-day responsibilities

of raising their children.

In this complex world,

help parents to know what will good for their children

and help them to be models of faith

by the way they live out their belief in God.

O holy Saint Anne and Saint Joachim,

your love for each other

is a source of blessing for all married people,

and for parents and grandparents.

The child that you brought into the world

showed God’s great love for all people.

Help us to treat each other with patience, charity, and compassion.

Guide parents the day-to-day challenges

of raising children.

Bless grandparents in their role of being a support to their children,

and a source of love for their grandchildren.

Give your gift of peace to all that we pray for this day.

Through Christ our Lord.