Prayer in Honor of Saints Anne & Joachim

O holy Saint Anne and Saint Joachim

your were privileged to be the parents

of the Blessed Virgin Mary

and the grandparents of Jesus, the Son of God.

Your faith and trust in God was blessed

when Anne became pregnant at time in her life

when she had given up hope of having a child.

With joy and thanksgiving,

she gave birth to a daughter, Mary,

who would become the mother of our Savior.

You surrounded Mary with your love

and taught her how to trust in God

and be a woman of faith.

As parents you had the day-to-day responsibility

of helping Mary grow

and of guiding her to believe

even in times of uncertainty.

Saint Anne and Saint Joachim,

we ask you to guide all parents

in their day-to-day responsibilities

of raising their children.

In this complex world,

help parents to know what will good for their children

and help them to be models of faith

by the way they live out their belief in God.

O holy Saint Anne and Saint Joachim,

your love for each other

is a source of blessing for all married people,

and for parents and grandparents.

The child that you brought into the world

showed God’s great love for all people.

Help us to treat each other with patience, charity, and compassion.

Guide parents the day-to-day challenges

of raising children.

Bless grandparents in their role of being a support to their children,

and a source of love for their grandchildren.

Give your gift of peace to all that we pray for this day.

Through Christ our Lord.