Junior Leadership Day

Our juniors have taken the next step to becoming leaders within our house. Today, in the presence of family and friends, school rings were blessed at our daily Mass. Each junior takes the role of a leader through humble service to Cathedral Prep and others. At the end of Mass, Father Fonti presented every junior with an icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. He told the juniors that he frequently prayed at her shrine in Rome where her icon is housed as a seminarian during difficult times. He encouraged them to deepen their devotion to Our Lady especially in time of need.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help… Pray for us.

Congratulations to our Junior Leaders!

Emmanuel Ambroise

Daniel Berhan

Yann Camara

Dyango Campoverde

Richard Cisernos

Nathaniel Espidol

Christian Faustin

Nikola Fitissov

Joseph Foley

Anton Haran

Donal Harnett

Neil Hickey

Stephen Jankowski

Rasheed Kelly

Joseph Krug

Johan Larsen

Patrice Legoute

Daniel Maher

Peter Munoz

Michael Murphy

Steven Osojnak

Michael Remon

Fernando Ronconi

Sebastian Rosas

Christopher Saillant

John Schilling

Jose Solorzano

Kyle Sumprer

Joseph Tuseo

Loik Uddin

Cian Walsh

Adam Zajkowski

Juan Zapata

Joshua Zayas


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