Greatness for a Day Program for 8th Graders

Cathedral Prep has officially opened the Greatness for a Day Program for 8th grade students interested in becoming Cathedral Men for Greatness!

This day gives each visitor the true experience of the day-to-day happenings at Cathedral Prep. During his time here, he will understand the challenge, support, and love that each student is met with everyday throughout the year.

If you are interested in having your son attend Greatness for a Day, please call:

(718)592-6800 ext. 137


1. What time should my son arrive?

Arrival should be between 7:30am and 7:45am. Please come through the main entrance on 92nd street. Father Fonti will greet you at the door.


2. What  should my son wear?

If your son attends a school that requires him to wear a uniform, please have him wear that uniform.

If you son does not attend a school that requires a uniform, please have him wear a polo, dress pants, a belt, and dress shoes.


3. What should my son bring for the day?

Your son is not expected to take notes but he is more than welcome to bring a notebook and do so.

Cathedral Prep will provide a free lunch to our visitors, but if your son has severe food allergies, please have him bring an EpiPen and his own personal lunch (He is still welcome to our free lunch if there are food items that he can eat).


4. Who will be my son’s buddy for the day?

Each young man will be matched up with a freshman for the day. They will follow him throughout the day from homeroom till the last bell of the day. If he knows a freshman, he is more than welcome to spend the day with that specific freshman.


5. Where will my son put his belongings?

Each visitor is designated a locker on the 3rd floor. We ask that he puts his personal belongings in the locker, especially his cell phone, wallet, and keys.


6. What time should I expect my son to leave?

Cathedral Prep’s last bell is at 2:46pm. Then, announcements will be made then your son will be escorted to the Main Office and his day officially ends. Please note, Cathedral Prep will provide an absent note at the end of the day, proving that your son was a visitor.

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