Daniel Berhan (’18) placed 16th over all at the CHSAA Intersectional Championship and qualified for the New York State Championship with a time of 13:32. The freshmen all ran there personal best times. Alexander Lomas and Aaron DeLeon in the medaled in the sophomore CHSAA intersectional Championship. Conor Gallagher ’12 returned for the alumni race taking first place.

Daniel Berhan

Alexander Lomas and Aaron DeLeon

Conor Gallagher


The Cross Country team placed 3rd at the sectional (BQ’s) champions. They also finished 9th over-all at the city championship. Daniel Berhan finished 2nd over-all.

Daniel Berhan tied Conor Gallagher for second place in school history with a time of 13:30 on the 2.5 mile.

All Hallows Invitational (10/13/2017)

Congrats to the freshman cross country team. All ran their personal best times. Team placed 4th at All-Hollows invitational. They were-led by Alexander Chen with an impressive 10:24. other medals winner Zachary Kisonas, and  Jaden Cosme.

Sep 16, 2017  

Regis Invitational


Alexander Lomas 15:46.46  

Elias Diaz 16:46.20

Aaron De Leon 18:02.56


Kevin Plut 16:15.85

Francis  20:35.33

Varsity SR.  

Daniel Berhan 14:23.54

Emmanuel Ambroise 15:10.90