Congratulations to all of our students for finishing the year! During this year’s Convocation, Bishop Chappetto, administration, faculty, coaches, parents, and students gathered to celebrate our Men for Greatness and their numerous achievements!

The following are the awards and accomplishments of our students:

We are proud to report that 63% of our student body has earned an average of 85 or higher in the Final Mark Period. That is 85 of the 135 students in our school hold an average of 85 or higher.

SECOND HONORS is achieved when a student has an overall GPA of 85 with no grade less than 80 in each subject. The following students have achieved 2nd Honors for the Final Mark Period of the 2016-2017 school year:



Andrew Chalmers
Anthony Ciappetta
Dominic   DaCosta
Thomas   Daudelin
Matthew   Davies
Anthony DiPalma
Sebastian   Guzman
Eric Ochoa
Kyle Opao
Matthew   Sacktig
Menzo Tucker III
Jack Vizhnay




Steven Arundel
John Corcoran
Jonathan DeSilvestri
Francis Oliva
Rafael Silva
Jin Woo



Donal   Harnett III
Stephen   Jankowski
Rasheed   Kelly
Joseph   Krug
Steven   Osojnak
Joseph   Tuseo


FIRST HONORS is achieved when a student has an overall GPA of 90 with no grade less than 85 in each subject. The following students have achieved 1ST Honors for the Final Mark Period of the 2016-2017 school year:


Clifford   Ambroise
Jasha   Basila
Jan Bierowiec
Christopher   Flood
Emilio   Gallo
Carlos   Lenis
Fabian   Rozparzynski
Jason   Samuels
Christopher Vollmerhausen



Johnathan Caceres
Anthony Camastro,
Steven Duran
Anthony Leone
Kevin Maguire
Kevin Plut
Andres Siguencia


Emmanuel Ambroise
Daniel Berhan
Richard Cisneros
Nikola Fitissov
Anthony Haran
Neil Hickey
Fernando Ronconi
Adam Zajkowski

PRINICIPAL’S LIST HONORS, our highest academic honor, is achieved when a student has earned a 95 or higher in each subject. The following students have achieved Principal’s List Honors for the Final Mark Period of the 2016-2017 school year:


Eryk Baginski
Alexander Lomas


Peter Brancale
MarcAnthony Ramos


Peter Munoz
Sebastian Rosas
John Schilling




The top 3 students in each year who have earned the highest overall GPA are:


Bronze Jan Bierowiec GPA 97.38
Silver Eryk Baginski GPA 98.24
Gold Alexander Lomas GPA 98.59



Bronze Kevin Plut GPA 97.62
Silver Peter Brancale GPA 98.18
Gold MarcAnthony Ramos GPA 98.68




Bronze John Schilling GPA 97.15
Silver Peter Munoz GPA 98.15
Gold Sebastian Rosas GPA 99.12


The Academic Renewal Award is given to 2 students, one from the Lower House, and one from the Upper House, who have been recognized for their commitment to continued hard work and improvement over the course of the second semester. They have shown a commitment to a renewal of their academic success, and their mentors and the entire Cathedral Prep Community commend them on their continued efforts to achieve academic excellence.

The following students have earned the Acadmic Renewal Awards for the Final Mark Period of the 2016-2017: Joshua Zayas and Eric Ochoa.

Congratulations to all of our students on their academic achievements for the 2016-2017 school year at Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary.


Physical Education Awards

Fitness Challenge Points

Lower House

 250-349 pts Certificate

Aaron DeLeon 310

Alexander Lomas 340

Emilio Gallo 294

Fabian Rozparzynski 270

Andrew Cordova 276

Biagio Ambrosino 334

Jack Vizhnay 340

Dominic DaCosta 326

Mario Olmedo 316

Carlos Lenis 334

Christopher Flood 337

Sebastian Guzman 327

Timothy Bradford 299

Louis Ortiz 291

John Mirrione 279

Juan Rodriguez 265

Mauricio Hernandez 264

Kyle Faisca 258

Liam Trears 258

350pts+ Award and Certificate

Matthew Smith 488

Anthony Leone 425

Peter Brancale 419

Eric Malave 412

Daniel Carreras 408

David Crismali 383

Anthony Camastro 362

Upper House

250-349 pts Certificate

Michael Remon 340

Benjamin Edwards 317

Michael Younan 309

Joel Edouard 307

Antoine Haran 325

Richard Cisneros 321

Joseph Foley 319

Joseph Tuseo 309

Sebastian Rosas 293

Joshua Zayas-256

350pts+ Award and Certificate

Emmanuel Ambroise 431

Juan Zapata 410

David Brancale 407

Adam Zajkowski 413

Daniel Berhan 391

Neil Hickey 388

Kyle Sumprer 371

Rasheed Kelly 383

Sport/Team Awards

Baseball Varsity

Coach Joseph Bode

MVP:  Adam Zajkowski

COACH’S AWARD: Michael Bode


Basketball JV

Coach Joe Crimi

COACH’S AWARD: Anthony Camastro

MOST IMPROVED: Anthony Leone

COACH’S AWARD: Matthew Smith

Basketball Varsity

Coach Sean Hicks

COACH’S AWARD: Rasheed Kelly

MOST IMPROVED: Emmanuel Ambrose

Bowling JV  

Coach Kathy Gluszak

MVP: Griffin Leibman

SPORTSMANSHIP: Matthew Sacktig


Bowling Varsity 

Coach Kathy Gluszak

MVP: Adrian Grzybowski


Cross Country

Coach Larry Medina

MVP: Alexander Lomas


Cross Country Varsity

Coach Larry Medina

MVP: Daniel Berhan



Coach Joseph Russo

MVP: Aidan Birth


Soccer Varsity

Coach Oscar Villegas

MVP: Johnathan Caceres

MOST IMPROVED: Matthew Smith

Track & Field

Coach Larry Medina

Assistant Coach Angel Morales

MVP: Aaron DeLeon

MOST IMPROVED: Jason Samuels

Track & Field Varsity

Coach Larry Medina

Assistant Coach Angel Morales

MVP: Daniel Berhan


MSGR. BANNAN SCHOLAR ATHLETE:            Joel Edouard

The Tablet Awards presented for The Current


“High School Press Award 2017”

Best Editorial Cartoon

Third Place… presented to

“Brancale’s World” by David Brancale

Best News Story

Second Place… presented to

“Cathedral Prep Students Learn More About Vocations” by Aidan Birth

Best Column

Third Place… presented to

Video Game Reviews: “Titanfall 2” & “Borderlands” by Manuel Pamposa

Roger Payne Memorial Award for

Best Column… presented to

“Movie Review” by John Schilling

This year we also shared the sorrow and pain of three families, who suffered the loss of cherished loved ones. Our family, here at Cathedral, continues to pray that healing and peace will be given to those who mourn and are sad. In memoriam:

Markus Kotnik, `20

Markus Kotnik, `20

Mr. John Patrick Lohan

Mr. John Patrick Lohan

Father of Freshman, Ryan Lohan
Mrs. Joan Tuseo

Mrs. Joan Tuseo

Mother of Junior, Joseph Tuseo