Cathedral Prep Announces New Head Basketball Coach

As the Crusader’s prepare for their season, they are led by a new face, Coach Erich Naumann. We would like to welcome Coach Naumman to the Cathedral Prep community.

Coach Erich Naumman currently works at IS 5 Walter Crowley Middle School in Elmhurst, Queens, as the physical education teacher. During his high school tenure, at Christ The King Regional High School, he was actively involved in the varsity basketball program. His level of play and work ethic led to him receiving a scholarship to Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, where he studied. Post-college, Erich stuck with the sport he loves and has been coaching for the past 15 years. He started as the J.V. women’s basketball coach at Queens High School of Teaching, currently coaches the boys varsity at IS 5, and he is the commissioner of the Girls’ Varsity Program at the NYC Middle School Basketball League. He looks to bring the same love, level of play, and work ethic, that was established in his high school years, to the Varsity boys at Cathedral Prep..

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