Coding Class

Seminarian, Danny Dilone teaches a coding class in the media center for our seniors. The course meets on Wednesdays after school and lasts for seven weeks.

This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no prerequisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. By the end of the course, students should be able to read and write simple code in python and, hopefully, the students will be inspired to take a more rigorous programming class in college.

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Joint Statement from Catholic High Schools

Joint Statement from Catholic High Schools

As the Principals of the Catholic High Schools of Brooklyn and Queens we have kept the administration, faculty, staff, students and parents from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in our prayers since the thoughtless tragedy on February 14, 2018. We stand in support of the Parkland, Florida survivors as they draw strength in knowing that their efforts to effect necessary change are heard. We call on our elected leaders to do everything necessary to help us protect students against senseless acts such as the one in Florida and too many others across our country.

The mission of Catholic education within the Diocese of Brooklyn is to form children in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ as celebrated in the Catholic Church, while providing a comprehensive academic education that will help them reach their full human potential and contribute to the common good of our nation and the world. The alumni of our schools are leaders in every stratum of society, and our current students are the leaders and policy makers of tomorrow. We must stand as examples to them of the morality, justice and peace which we expect them to go forth and spread in the world.  As Principals, we are responsible for carrying out the mission of our schools, the education of our students and the safety and security of the adolescents in our care. As educators we are facing a world where we are increasingly called upon to become the last line of defense against unspeakable horrors.

Collectively, we as Catholic educators…as Americans…know that these attacks must stop and the time for action on all levels is long overdue. We unite in one voice to call upon our elected officials to effect nothing less than meaningful, proactive change.  In the words of Mahatma Ghandi we must “be the change we wish to see in the world”. That change starts today.

Mr. Darius Penikas
Archbishop Molloy High School

Dr. Margaret Lacey-Berman
Bishop Kearney High School

Mr. Edward A. Bolan
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School

Mr. Richie Diaz
Cathedral Preparatory School & Seminary

Ms. Geri Martinez
Christ the King High School

Ms. Mary Ann Spicijaric
Fontbonne Hall Academy

Mr. Edward Burns
Holy Cross High School

Mr. Joseph Dugan
Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School

Mr. James V. Castrataro
Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School

Mrs. Providencia Quiles
Nazareth Regional High School

Mrs. Susan Nicoletti
Saint Agnes Academic High School

Mrs. Allison McGinnis
St. Edmund Preparatory High School

Mr. Patrick McLaughlin
St. Francis Preparatory School

Mr. William A. Higgins
St. John’s Preparatory School

Mrs. Caroline Latham
St. Joseph High School

Dr. Paula T McKeown
St. Saviour High School

Sr. Kathleen McKinney C.S.J, Ed.D.
The Mary Louis Academy

Dcn. Kevin McCormack
Xaverian High School

Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day

Our Brotherhood Events are opportunities for our Cathedral Alumni to gather and rekindle
friendships and retell stories of Cathedral days. Last evening’s event, “Countdown to St. Patrick’s
Day”, was held at the Belle Harbor Yacht in Rockaway and was opened not only to alumni but also
to all wives and girlfriends.
Grateful to Ludwig’s Catering who supplied the food and Jimmy Walsh who played Irish music, the
evening was enjoyed by all.
We invite all Alumni to join us for our upcoming events:
20th Annual Alumni Reunion &Immaculata Dinner – Saturday, April 21 st & Golf Outing – Thursday, June 21 st .

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Academic Achievement

After Stations of the Cross this past Thursday Afternoon, Father Fonti and Mr. Diaz annouced Academic Achievement Awards for the 1st Semester.

  1. SECOND HONORS is achieved when a student has an overall average of 85% with no grade less than 80% in each subject. The following students have achieved 2nd Honors for the 1st Semester of this school year:




Alexander Chen

Michael Franke

Michael Guarneri

Zachary Kisonas

James Otazo





Anthony Ciappetta

Matthew Davies

Anthony DiPalma

Christopher Flood

Sebastian Guzman

Eric Ochoa




Rafael Silva




Neil Hickey

Rasheed Kelly

Daniel Maher

Christopher Saillant

Loik Uddin

Cian Walsh

Joshua Zayas


  1. FIRST HONORS is achieved when a student has an overall average of 90% with no grade less than 85% in each subject. The following students have achieved 1ST Honors for the 1st Semester of this school year:




Jaden Calle

Joseph Candela

Antonio Coyoc III

Albert Legacki

John Lizano

Emmanuel Makayan Jr.

Mathew Martinez

Anthony Mastroianni

Peter Rao

Patrick Rubi

Christopher Santagata

Christian Santamaria

Robert Vazquez

Daniel Vizhnay          




Clifford Ambroise

Andrew Chalmers

Andrew Cordova

Elias Diaz

Emilio Gallo

Matthew Sacktig

Menzo Tucker III

Christopher Vollmerhausen




Peter Brancale

Johnatan Caceres

Anthony Camastro

Jonathan DeSilvestri

Steven Duran

Anthony Leone

Kevin Maguire

Christopher Pham

Kevin Plut

Andres Siguencia




Emmanuel Ambroise

Daniel Berhan

Richard Cisneros

Nikola Fitissov

Anthony Haran

Stephen Jankowski

Joseph Krug

Johan Larsen

Michael Murphy

Fernando Ronconi

Adam Zajkowski


  1. PRINCIPAL’S LIST HONORS, our highest academic honor, is achieved when a student has earned a 95% or higher in each subject. The following students have achieved Principal’s List Honors for the 1st Semester of this school year:




Jasha Basila                 96.94

Eryk Baginski             98.55

Jan Bierowiec              97.69

Alexander Lomas        98.25



MarcAnthony Ramos  98.83



Peter Munoz                98.00

John Schilling             98.83

Sebastian Rosas          98.14




  1. 85+ and HIGHER GPA LIST


We are proud to report that 71% of our student body has earned an average of 85 or higher in the 1st Semester. That means 102 of the 143 students in our school hold an average of 85 or higher. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement gentleman.

The following students have earned a GPA of 85 or higher for the 1st Semester:


Balacich, Robert 91.78
Calle, Jaden 95.56
Camastro, Francis 85.41
Candela, Joseph 95.66
Censullo, Matthew 89.72
Chen, Alexander 88.41
Cotrina, David 88.66
Coyoc III, Antonio 93.97
Franke, Michael 90.28
Guarneri, Michael 90.5
Kisonas, Zachary 88.94
Legacki, Albert 93.34
Lezama Jr, Rodolfo 87.25
Lizano, John 93.13
Longo, Anthony 87.25
Makayan Jr, Emmanuel 94.88
Martinez, Matthew 95.81
Mastroianni, Anthony 91
Mercado, Jonathan 85.41
O’Brien, Michael 87.94
Otazo, James 91.63
Palta, Justin 87.84
Rampioray, Joshua 86.88
Rao, Peter 97.41
Rubi, Patrick 96.16
Santagata, Christopher 92.16
Santamaria, Christian 93.13
Tavarez, Joshuah 86.72
Vazquez, Robert 94.78
Vizhnay, Daniel 96.5
Ambroise, Clifford 95.22
Baginski, Eryk 98.55
Basila, Jasha 96.94
Bierowiec, Jan 97.69
Chalmers, Andrew 93.66
Ciappetta, Anthony 89.56
Cordova, Andrew 94.44
Daudelin, Thomas 86.97
Davies, Matthew 86.19
DeLeon, Aaron 87.31
Demarchi, Ariel 87.19
Diaz, Elias 92.42
DiPalma, Anthony 89.34
Flood, Christopher 91.44
Gallo, Emilio 96.31
Guzman, Sebastian 93.03
Lomas, Alexander 98.25
Ochoa, Eric 88.88
Opao, Kyle 87.84
Sacktig, Matthew 95.91
Samuels, Jason 88.94
Tucker III, Menzo 92.65
Vizhnay, Jack 91.44
Vollmerhausen, Christopher 92.25
Brancale, Peter 95.82
Caceres, Johnathan 95.42
Camastro, Anthony 94.88
Connelly, Garret 85.91
Corcoran, John 87.79
DeSilvestri, Jonathan 91.58
Duran, Steven 93.58
Garzon, Sebastian 87.12
Goncalves, Antonio 86.36
Leone, Anthony 95.1
Maguire, Kevin 93.18
Oliva, Francis 88.7
Olmedo, Mario 86.15
Pham, Christopher 91.58
Plut, Kevin 97.09
Ramos, MarcAnthony 98.83
Siguencia, Andres 95.88
Silva, Rafael 90.27
Woo, Jin 86.3
Ambroise, Emmanuel 93.71
Berhan, Daniel 96.54
Camara, Yann 87.27
Cisneros, Richard 93.69
Fitissov, Nikola 95.43
Foley, Joseph 85.94
Haran, Anthony 96.24
Harnett III, Donal 87.31
Hickey, Neil 92.37
Jankowski, Stephen 95.82
Kelly, Rasheed 95.89
Krug, Joseph 96.55
Larsen, Johan 90.03
Maher, Daniel 89.09
Munoz, Peter 98
Murphy, Michael 95.24
Osojnak, Steven 89.57
Ronconi, Fernando 94.94
Rosas, Sebastian 98.14
Saillant, Christopher 89
Schilling, John 98.3
Solorzano, Jose 85.21
Sumprer, Kyle 89.52
Tuseo, Joseph 91.06
Uddin, Loik 88.36
Walsh, Cian 90
Zajkowski, Adam 97.46
Zapata, Juan 85.12
Zayas, Joshua 88.24






The top 5 students in each year who have earned the highest overall GPA are asked to stand when their name is called:



#5.       Joseph Candela          95.66

#4        Matthew Martinez       95.81

#3        Patrick Rubi                96.16

#2        Daniel Vizhnay           96.50


And ranked # 1 in freshman year


Peter Rao                     97.41



# 5.      Emilio Gallo                96.31

# 4.      Jasha Basila                 96.94

# 3.      Jan Bierowiec              97.69

# 2.      Alexander Lomas        98.25


And ranked # 1 in sophomore year

Eryk Baginski             98.55



# 5.      Johnathan Caceres       95.42

# 4.      Peter Brancale             95.82

# 3.      Andres Siguencia        95.88

# 2.      Kevin Plut                   97.09


And ranked # 1 in junior year


MarcAnthony Ramos  98.83




# 5.      Joseph Krug                96.55

# 4.      Adam Zajkowski         97.46

# 3.      Peter Munoz                98.00

# 2.      Sebastian Rosas          98.14


And ranked #1 in senior year


John Schilling             98.30




# 5.      Sebastian Rosas                      98.14

# 4.      Alexander Lomas                    98.25

# 3.      John Schilling                         98.30

# 2.      Eryk Baginski                         98.55

# 1.      MarcAnthony Ramos           98.83







Finally the Academic Renewal Awards are presented to 2 students from the upper house and the lower house who have been committed to improvement and renewal of their academic efforts in the First Semester.



The winner of the Academic Renewal Award for the

  1. Upper House from Mr. Medina’s Fraternity, is, Johan Larsen.
  2. Lower House from Mr. Sammarco’s Fraternity, is, Andrew Cordova.


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Crusaders Take Next Step in Formation Process

“Ask the harvest master for more laborers for his harvest”

As part of their ongoing discernment to the priesthood, seniors Stephen Jankowski, Joseph Krug, and Patrice Legoute and Joseph Siano (former 2013 Troike student and brother of alumni, Dominic & Thomas Siano) received a blessing from the school community at morning Mass.Traveling together this weekend to Dowingtown, PA to take their psychological exam at the St. John Vianney Center in preparation for their admission to the Cathedral Seminary House of Formation (Douglaston) this Fall, these four discerners got not only a blessing, but also breakfast with their brothers from the Frassati Fraternity (Cathedral’s weekly vocation discernment group).

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Bishop DiMarzio Celebrates Christmas at Cathedral

Yesterday, Cathedral Prep celebrated an early Christmas with the head of our community, Bishop DiMarzio. After celebrating morning Mass, Bishop enjoyed a breakfast with his students. Robert Vasquez ’21 entertained, playing Christmas carols on his saxophone. Prior to breakfast, the present “studio” was rededicated in honor of Bishop Francis X. Ford, a graduate of Cathedral Prep (New York), whose cause for canonization will be presented to the Vatican. Born in Brooklyn, Francis Ford heard the call to be a Maryknoll missionary in China. Ordained a bishop, he was eventually imprisoned, tortured, and starved to death (’52) while incarcerated. Hailed as a courageous witness to the faith and an exemplary priest and bishop, Bishop DiMarzio blessed both a portrait of Bishop Ford and the room which now bears his name: “Bishop Ford Center.” An excerpt from the bishop’s blessing:

May this space, now dedicated to Bishop Ford’s honor
and memory, encourage all those who study
within it to imitate his selfless and sacrificial
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JV Bowling Undefeated Season

Congratulations to the Junior Varsity bowling team on their undefeated season! Not only did they win every match, but they also won every game in every match-up, finishing the season 55-0. If we win the next two weeks of playoffs, JV will be CHSAA Division A champs. Varsity ended in playoff contention for Division B.  We look forward to the playoffs next Tuesday, December 12 at 4 pm.

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Senior Physics

Physics Class

Danny Dilone, a seminarian from Cathedral Seminary House of Formation, is serving his apostolate at Cathedral Prep this semester. During this apostolate, Danny has volunteered his time to serve our science-savvy seniors by teaching a weekly, four session, physics course. Danny received his Bachelor of Science in Physics from CUNY- Brooklyn College (class of 2016) with a double minor in mathematics and computer science.

The class as described by Dilone:

“The physics class is an independent study of Newtonian Mechanics. The whole aim of the class is to get students familiar with the syntax of Newtonian Physics and for the students to be able to think critically and become problem solvers. The class is designed to meet only four times for 1hr, which presents itself as a challenge since the material that we are covering is far from easy.  However, I am happy with the progress that the class is making in engaging in class discussion and asking questions. The class is heavy in mathematics. I think most of the students are taking Pre-Calc, and there are some elements of calculus that I am incorporating into the class.”

Fall Crusaderfest

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Cathedral Prep hosted the first Crusaderfest of the year on November 9th at Juniper Valley Park. Following Mass, fraternities faced off in many competitions: tug-of-war, football, ultimate frisbee, soccer, capture the flag, and relay races. They ended their day with a meal of burgers and fries in celebration of their brotherhood. We look forward to our next Crusaderfest.