JV Bowling Undefeated Season

Congratulations to the Junior Varsity bowling team on their undefeated season! Not only did they win every match, but they also won every game in every match-up, finishing the season 55-0. If we win the next two weeks of playoffs, JV will be CHSAA Division A champs. Varsity ended in playoff contention for Division B.  We look forward to the playoffs next Tuesday, December 12 at 4 pm.

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Senior Physics

Physics Class

Danny Dilone, a seminarian from Cathedral Seminary House of Formation, is serving his apostolate at Cathedral Prep this semester. During this apostolate, Danny has volunteered his time to serve our science-savvy seniors by teaching a weekly, four session, physics course. Danny received his Bachelor of Science in Physics from CUNY- Brooklyn College (class of 2016) with a double minor in mathematics and computer science.

The class as described by Dilone:

“The physics class is an independent study of Newtonian Mechanics. The whole aim of the class is to get students familiar with the syntax of Newtonian Physics and for the students to be able to think critically and become problem solvers. The class is designed to meet only four times for 1hr, which presents itself as a challenge since the material that we are covering is far from easy.  However, I am happy with the progress that the class is making in engaging in class discussion and asking questions. The class is heavy in mathematics. I think most of the students are taking Pre-Calc, and there are some elements of calculus that I am incorporating into the class.”

Fall Crusaderfest

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Cathedral Prep hosted the first Crusaderfest of the year on November 9th at Juniper Valley Park. Following Mass, fraternities faced off in many competitions: tug-of-war, football, ultimate frisbee, soccer, capture the flag, and relay races. They ended their day with a meal of burgers and fries in celebration of their brotherhood. We look forward to our next Crusaderfest.

Cathedral Prep Announces New Head Basketball Coach

As the Crusader’s prepare for their season, they are led by a new face, Coach Erich Naumann. We would like to welcome Coach Naumman to the Cathedral Prep community.

Coach Erich Naumman currently works at IS 5 Walter Crowley Middle School in Elmhurst, Queens, as the physical education teacher. During his high school tenure, at Christ The King Regional High School, he was actively involved in the varsity basketball program. His level of play and work ethic led to him receiving a scholarship to Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, where he studied. Post-college, Erich stuck with the sport he loves and has been coaching for the past 15 years. He started as the J.V. women’s basketball coach at Queens High School of Teaching, currently coaches the boys varsity at IS 5, and he is the commissioner of the Girls’ Varsity Program at the NYC Middle School Basketball League. He looks to bring the same love, level of play, and work ethic, that was established in his high school years, to the Varsity boys at Cathedral Prep..

Cathedral Mourns the Sudden Death of Freshman Brother, Markus Kotnik

It is with the deepest sorrow and sadness that we share with you that Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary mourns the loss of one of our own students and family members, Freshman Markus Kotnik.  Markus passed away unexpectedly last night, and the entire Cathedral Prep community is in deep sadness over this news.

Cathedral Prep, the administration, board, faculty, staff, student body, and parents all stand firmly in support of the Kotnik family in this difficult time.

A team of grief counselors will be present in school on Monday for any student wishing to meet with one, and we will share further information in the coming days.

The arrangements are as follows:


Monday, May 15, 2017, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at George Werst Funeral Home (71-41 Cooper Ave., Glendale, NY).


Tuesday, May 16, 2017, at 10:30 AM at St. Pancras Church (72-22 68th St., Glendale, NY).

We pray for Markus, the Kotnik family, and trust in our Lord’s Grace, Love, and Guidance as we honor the memory of our brother and friend, Markus Kotnik.

Father Fonti Takes His Spiritual Sons To A Ballgame

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In celebration for his 25th Anniversary as a priest, Father Fonti created a unique experience for our school community at Citi Field. Our daily Mass was held in Citi Field’s auditorium, which overlooks the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

At Mass Father Fonti shared the blessings he has received these past 25 years as a spiritual father. He shared his vocation story, which began in his home and branched out into his high school years at Cathedral Prep. After our celebration of the Eucharist, Father Fonti was presented with an official NYC Street sign, customized by freshman, Markus Kotnik’s Family. After we prayed, our community enjoyed a lunch prepared by Mama’s of Corona.

Even though the home team lost, the day was a “homerun”! We would like to thank Father Fonti for his 25 years of dedicated service and for treating the school community to a once in a lifetime experience.

To watch the Net TV segment done by Tim Harfmann, `10, go to


To read The Tablet article by Matthew O’Connor, go to


2016-2017 Season Recap

The varsity team capped off a season that was based on program and character building while giving valuable experience to our young players. We were happy to graduate 5 seniors, including Joel Edouard who averaged 10 ppg and 8 rpg. He also appeared in the Senior All Star game played at Fordham University’s Rose Hill gymnasium. We now look forward to what is to come. Mike Remon-Jr. had two 26-point games this season. Emmanuel Ambroise-Jr. emerged as a premiere 1 on 1 defender, and Nataniel Espidol-Jr. emerged as premiere shooter. The varsity team will also gain 7 players matriculating up from the JV. The varsity team enjoyed a 2nd place finish in the Martin Luther tournament, appeared in the annual Jim Dilg Tournament, and capped off a spirited appearance in CHSAA playoffs. The most tenured coach in Cathedral history, Coach Jim Dilg, made an appearance at the Jim Dilg Tournament. There, Coach Hicks was happy to receive Coach Dilg’s endorsement that “he’s leading the program through patient and persistent teaching.”

Why Choose an All-Male Catholic Education?

The advantages of an all-male Catholic education:

The fraternity developed in an all-boys school is invaluable. The sense of camaraderie and friendship that grows through four years of schooling with all boys lasts a lifetime. In a more formal way, each of the men of Cathedral Prep are members of Fraternities, groups within the school that meet at least once a month and share academic support, service and social opportunities.

Learning Styles
At Cathedral Prep, we are aware and respectful of the different learning needs of young men. In this spirit, our curriculum and instructional design meet the specific styles and expectations of the young men in our school.

Cathedral Prep cultivates an environment that recognizes the educational needs of young men and creates expectations that allow them to reach their potential.

An all boys setting uniquely allows our students to concentrate on their priorities and obligations, while continuing to discern God’s call in their lives.

Being placed in an academic setting with exclusively boys fosters a healthy sense of competition among the student body. The natural energy and competitive nature of boys allows them to push each other to succeed academically and to develop socially and physically.

Focus on Balance
The all-boys environment encourages the young men of Cathedral Prep to seek a balance among their spiritual lives, academic responsibilities, extracurricular activities, personal goals, and responsibilities in their homes all while facing the shared, specific expectations of a Catholic man in today’s society. Cathedral Prep is a safe and secure school environment where young men receive the right balance of boundaries, high expectations and the freedom to explore their potentials.

“A Man of Greatness is a Man of Humble, Quite Service”

A California math teacher discovers the perfect formula

CBS Morning

MARCH 29, 2015, 9:44 AM  Whenever Jim O’Connor isn’t torturing kids with calculus, he’s on a whole other tangent, cuddling sick babies. Three days a week for the past 22 years, Jim has volunteered, stepping in when parents can’t, to hold, feed and comfort their children. Steve Hartman reports. Click on link:

2016 Annual Report

We would like to thank our alumni, friends, benefactors, and all of the Cathedral Family for their support over the past year! thumbnail of CP Annual Report 2016 copy for WEB

Bishop DiMarzio Visits for Christmas

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Today, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio came to his school, Cathedral, to pray with us before Christmas. The Bishop celebrated Mass and enjoyed breakfast with our young men. During his homily, he spoke about his grandmother, a woman who was always selective and never settled. He asked our future men of greatness to not settle for just any way of life, rather select a vocation with God through prayer. During the breakfast we presented the Bishop with a basket of Italian goodies from a Queen’s staple, Mama’s! We look forward to his return for Project Andrew (January 5th) , where he will share his story when he selected the vocation to priesthood with God through prayer. Merry Christmas from our Cathedral Family!