Basketball Family Night

On Tuesday, February 27, the Cathedral Prep basketball program celebrated a successful season with its 4th annual Family-Senior Night. Parents made different dishes for the teams and families to eat after the game. Our basketball players were broken up into 2 teams and played a game with “Team Crimi” defeating Coach Naumann by 1 point in a spirited performance (that’s keeps Coach Crimi’s undefeated streak alive). After the game, Seniors: Michael Remon, Neil Hickey, Dyango Campoverde, Emmanuel Ambroise, Yann Camara and Rasheed Kelly presented a bouquet of roses to their mothers and were congratulated for their contributions to the program. Father Fonti spoke about how proud he was of all our players and how important the athletic program is to the school. Coach Naumann added that he feels the program is on track. Special thanks goes out to our parents and families (60 present), to Father Fonti & Mr. Diaz and Cathedral’s AD, Mr Medina, for all his hard work throughout the season.

Proud of our Senior Crusaders, we thank each of them for wearing the “blue and white” these past 4 years:

Emmanuel Ambroise

Yann Camara

Dyango Campoverde

Neil Hickey

Rasheed Kelly

Mikey Remon

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