“We came as young kids to Cathedral. We just graduated 8th grade, but I think those years at Cathedral we were truly challenged to come out of ourselves, to think of others before ourselves, to grow in capacity to love and serve, and to understand clearly that no matter which way we went after leaving Cathedral, we would share in a common vocation: to love one another as Jesus commanded us.”

~Most Reverend Raymond Chappetto, `65
Vicar General, Diocese of Brooklyn

“Cathedral Prep provided me with an environment in which I came to an appreciation that Catholic education is concerned with the formation of the whole person – the mind, heart, and soul.  The daily celebration of Mass anchored my day and fostered within me a love of the Eucharist, which has sustained my life ever since my time as a student at Cathedral. The strength of the academic program and curriculum provided me with the foundation and the study habits that prepared me to excel in college and graduate school.”

~Francesco Cesareo, `77
President of Assumption College, MA

“Cathedral has proved to be the one of the greatest decisions I have made. The environment of brotherhood is truly in the air. What I love the most, is the support from the teachers, never allowing us to fall behind. They pick you up and guide your towards greatness.”

~Neil Hickey, ’18
Current Senior

“The Father Troike Summer Leadership Program made my son, Anthony, feel welcomed, wanted, safe, like he was part of a family.  He had fun learning, being part of a team, and being part of a fraternity.  He wanted that environment to be his high school experience. Meeting the teachers during the program and being in the school made his freshman transition effortless.  He was able to adjust to his studies without a problem.”

~Mrs. Anne-Marie Leone
Mother of a Current Junior

“First and foremost, Cathedral Prep is a place where young men are sure to deepen their relationship with Christ and foster a connection to the Church. Further, the administration, faculty, and staff will meet each student where he is and will help him elevate himself to greatness academically and socially. I encourage all of my 8th grade boys to consider Cathedral Prep. Every young man in the diocese should do the same.”

~John O’Brien, `01
Principal of Good Shepherd Catholic Academy

“Cathedral Prep – A wonderful place where young boys are formed into men of greatness! Truly the finest education, that I have had the pleasure of receiving. There is not a day that goes by that I do not use what I was taught inside the walls of Cathedral!”

~Mark Grogan, `92
NYPD Detective (Ret.)

“I never forget the tremendous love, collegial atmosphere, and spiritual influences that have shaped me… During my deployments to the Arabian Gulf, I took on the responsibility of Catholic Lay Leader, to ensure that an open door was available to anyone who wanted to pray and just talk…I attribute that part of my life directly to my upbringing in Cathedral. If it wasn’t for the discipline of religious education, examples of great listeners and care above and beyond from Cathedral’s faculty, I would not have taken on such a responsibility.”

Commander Angel F. Rodriguez Class of ’95

Operations Officer, Chief of Naval Operations Operational Support Group-United States Navy