24th Annual Thomas R. Moran, Sr.,`75, Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Susan Moran’s, wife of Thomas Moran, statement:

“My family and I would like to thank Father Fonti and all the staff at Cathedral, especially Tim McCleary and Lou D’Amico for helping us organize Tom’s memorial Mass today.

In July of 1992, 24 years ago, my husband Tom and I took our family on a summer vacation to Pennsylvania. Our children were 9, 7, and 2 years old at the time. We had a wonderful day at Hershey Park with our niece and her friends. We were heading to the Poconos to meet up with Tom’s sister and her family for more summer fun. That night changed our lives forever. We had a terrible, tragic car accident that took the life of my husband, Tom. He was 35 years old at the time.

In Tom’s memory, we set up a scholarship here at Cathedral. I chose Cathedral because it was here that Tom grew up. He made some amazing friends here that still share in our lives today. It was here that he built character, gained knowledge, learned compassion and had fun! He had a very special opportunity to deepen his relationship with God as he prepared himself for a successful and productive life.
More than anything, he became the man who would be my loving husband and an incredible dad to our three children. The most precious place in his life was his family, where we miss him tremendously.

As I look around men at all of you, young men, who are learning about yourselves, developing your God-given talents and realizing your potentials, I am thankful for a school like Cathedral. It is a school that will nurture your relationship with God while teaching you about integrity and humility. Two very special traits to carry you thru your lives!

In this loud world, being humble can be viewed as a weakness. I love the new son by country music star, Tim McGraw called “Humble and Kind’. It speaks of simple truths and ways that seen to be forgotten sometimes. His last words in the song are:

“Don’t take for granted the love that life gives you,

When you get where you are going, don’t forget to turn back around,

Help the next one in line… always be humble and kind.”

I encourage all of you to work as hard as you can to accomplish the goals you set for yourselves. Have the courage to praise God openly and freely and thank Him for the many blessings He bestows upon you. Realize how very precious and fragile life is and be sure to use the beautiful talents and gifts God has given to you. And do not forget to help the next one in line.

Be strong men and leaders in whatever you do. . . the world desperately needs you!

Today my family and I have the honor and pleasure of acknowledging one of your peers and encouraging him as he moves forward in his life.

With Tom’s spirit and strength, we present the 24th Annual Thomas R. Moran, Sr. Memorial Scholarship to Arthur Vollmerhausen.

I would like to thank the past scholarship winners for attending today in memory of Thomas.”

We are grateful to the Moran Family for the last 24 Years of support, the following men have been previously awarded the scholarship:

John Dietrich, `93

Dennis Hatzinger, `94

Donald Powell, `95

Christopher Otton, `96

Marc Canton, `97

John McCormack, `97

Lawerence Mohrmann, `98

Declan Howlin, `99

Father Daniel Champoli, `00

Craig Caruana, `01

Matthew Moloney `02

Brett Wierzbecki, `03

Brian Chambers, `04

Father Felix Herrera, `05

Matthew Zinser, `07

Nicholas Mendez, `08

Michael Knott, `09

Timothy Harfmann, `10

William Cassese, `11

Brendon Harfmann, `12

Ryan Quinn, `13

William Tarrant, `14

Mark Boodram, `15

Timothy Sullivan, ’16

Arthur Vollmerhausen, `17 



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